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A Brief History Of My Left Knee

In March this year I had an accident in my bedroom, which I wrote about in An Accident In My Bedroom.

I said this in the post.

It is now Monday morning and the first picture says a lot. Note the the mat by the step is out of line. It slipped, I then tripped over the step and hit my head on the basin. There is also an overturned stool in the bathroom, which I must have fallen on and this probably did more damage.

My GP  thinks I may have a blood pressure problem, so I am regularly taking my blood pressure, sitting and then standing up after five minutes.

But it seems to be behaving itself. If you want to look the figures are in Fighting My Way Through The Covids.

And then last Thursday, I nearly had another fall.

I was getting out of bed at about seven and rolled myself to my feet. I stood up and then my left knee gave way. As I hadn’t fully stood up, I was able to just sit on the bed. So no harm was done!

I didn’t feel light-headed or anything other than fine and I just went to the toilet, brushed my teeth and walked through to my living room and checked the computer, as I always do first thing in the morning.

This isn;t the first time, that my knee has done this.

It must have been in the 1970s, when the knee was doing something similar and I went to see my GP, who recommended seeing a specialist and having an operation. I didn’t.

Nothing much happened again, until perhaps 1980, when after moving to Suffolk, I went to see another GP.  He decided, I needed to do a set of exercises, which seemed to work, especially as I was doing a lot of horse-riding, which seemed to help.

Later, when I moved across Suffolk, I swapped real tennis for the horse riding and I’ve never really had any trouble since, until I moved to London.

One strange thing though, was I went to see a specialist fitness trainer after my left-sided stroke in 2010, who said strangely, that my left leg was stronger than my right.

Since the stroke, I’ve had the following falls.

  1. Two trips on Islington’s bad pavements, where I just picked myself up, dusted myself down and started all over again.
  2. In one, my knee possibly collapsed, I thought I was having a stroke and I ended up in UCLH.
  3. I rolled out of bed in a hotel in Strasbourg, when I was dreaming about my late wife.
  4. I rolled out of bed at home in another vivid dream and needed hospital attention.
  5. The recent fall, where I ended up in the Royal London.

I certainly feel that 2 and 5 are down to the dodgy knee, I should also say, that in all the falls except for number 2, I felt very normal, although perhaps a bit surprised and stupid.

These are a few random points.

  • As a child, I always hopped on my left leg.
  • A couple of friends have told me I don’t stand straight.
  • My left humerus was broken by the school bully and badly set in Highlands Hospital, so I avoid using it. Does this affect my stance and put pressure on the knee?
  • At times in my life, I’ve worn an elastic bandage on the knee.
  • I sometimes had trouble with my knee, in intimate moments with my late wife.

As the knee has never been looked at using modern technology, perhaps now is the time.




September 13, 2020 - Posted by | Health |


  1. Unfortunately, your second random point could well be your number one problem. My back randomly give me trouble. Everything I go to see the physio about it, I’m usually reminded that I don’t stand straight. She says that not standing straight puts extra pressure on the side you lean towards, which makes sense. One tries to be conscious of that, but as normal, other thoughts distract me! I think you and I are of similar age. Older dogs are not so good at learning new tricks!
    I enjoy your blog though!

    Comment by James Martineau | September 14, 2020 | Reply

  2. Thanks!

    I used to have a world-class physio in Newmarket and when I moved to London, I had a very good one, who sadly has now gone back to Australia.

    But I haven’t found a good replacement yet! I would have thought good ones would be two a penny in Hackney/Islington.

    I’m 73 by the way. I’m one day younger than Modern India and Pakistan, which sometimes causes a bit of gentle humour with doctors from the sub-continent.

    Comment by AnonW | September 14, 2020 | Reply

  3. I have had similar problems. I have a pinned left hip that needs repairing, but due to Bowel problems, the NHS will not operate. I have had the leg collapse and throw me across the bedroom into a glass wardrobe door. I also have a pinned elbow that I broke falling down stairs with a loose carpet. My hand now will let go if, when turning a nerve touches the wires in the bones. Have you hardened arteries in your neck, perhaps that stop blood flow when rising quickly? It’s not nice when the body gives up on one.

    On Sun, 13 Sep 2020 at 17:48, The Anonymous Widower wrote:

    > AnonW posted: “In March this year I had an accident in my bedroom, which I > wrote about in An Accident In My Bedroom. I said this in the post. It is > now Monday morning and the first picture says a lot. Note the the mat by > the step is out of line. It slipped, I then” >

    Comment by Jagracer Shoestring | September 15, 2020 | Reply

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