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Approaching Kings Cross – 16th September 2020

I took these pictures yesterday, as my train approached Kings Cross station from Doncaster.

They seem to be making progress on adding two extra tracks into the station, which will be squeezed in on the Eastern side, and through an unused tunnel.

This is a Network Rail video, which explains the project.

Trackside Tim Overview of KX. Aug 19

The Capacity Increase At Kings Cross Station

Theoretically, increasing the number of tracks from four to six could increase the number of trains serving Kings Cross by fifty percent.

This Google Map shows Kings Cross station.


  1. Kings Cross station has twelve platforms, which are numbered 0-11, with 0 on the Eastern side.
  2. Platform 10 is due to be removed in the works.

This second Google Map shows the station throat to a large scale.


  1. The pairs of tracks leading to the current two tunnels can be clearly seen.
  2. Note how the track from Platform 0 comes right across to go through, what will be the middle tunnel.
  3. I would assume that six tracks going into eleven platforms would produce a less constricted layout.


Hopefully, when the new layout is complete, everything will be much easier.

I shall repeat this map, when the works are finished.


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