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Digging The Central Entrance To Old Street Station – 27th February 2021

This map from Transport for London shows the future layout of Old Street Roundabout.

Note the new entrance to the station in the middle of the roundabout.

The contractors are now digging a big hole for the central entrance, with a digger in an unusual turquoise colour.


  1. The central and the two other entrances will be steps.
  2. There will also be a lift, close to the Shoreditch Grind, in the North-West area.
  3. There will also be a service lift for the shops in the station.
  4. Particular attention has been given to the use of natural light.
  5. The central entrance features a green roof.

Some won’t like the design, but I think, its simplicity like some of London’s 1930s Underground stations will endear it to the majority of passengers.

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  1. While these plans include providing a lift from street to subway/ booking hall level longer term plans have mentioned reuse of the old lift shaft to provide step free access to Great Northern and Northern Line platforms . A project that raises the question as to how many stations that formerly had lifts could gain step free access by reusing old lift shafts I’ve a scheme for Knightsbridge Station using its old lift shaft is under way !

    The main provision needs to be that the lifts need to have served platform level As is tge case at Caledonian Road Station

    Comment by Melvyn | March 2, 2021 | Reply

    • Caledonian Road station always puzzles me. It is a good design of station and why aren’t other Piccadilly Line stations of the same era built the same way.

      Wikipedia says that there are actually two sets of lifts and they have been replaced the others have been used.

      It’s almost as if they carried on digging, when they built the station by mistake or hit a fault in the clay!

      Comment by AnonW | March 2, 2021 | Reply

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