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Old Street Station – 9th September 2022

I took these pictures this morning, as my bus passed Old Street roundabout.

The Queen was also being shown on this bus-stop in Moorgate.

How many pictures like these are being displayed?



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Old Street Station – 24th August 2022

The new entrance to Old Street station is now open in the middle of the former roundabout.

There will also be lifts.

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Is This The Slowest Station Rebuilding Project?

I first wrote about the rebuilding of Old Street station and the remodelling of Old Street Roundabout in Is Silicon Roundabout Going To Become Silicon Peninsular?, which I posted on Christmas Day 2014.

I also wrote Silicon Roundabout Goes Two-Way in May 2019.

Today I took these pictures of new buildings around Moorgate station.

All were empty sites in 2019.

I took these pictures of the roundabout.

Progress doesn’t seem to be very fast.

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Moorgate Station – 26th April 2022

In July 2021, I wrote Down Into The Depths At Moorgate Station and I included this picture of the lift that connects the Northern and Elizabeth Lines.

For much of the last few months, this lift lobby has been full of builders junk piled along the right hand side.

But today, everything looked finished.

The yellow bars are the barrier to stop passengers taking a closer look.

When Will Crossrail Open?

Between Angel and London Bridge stations, there are four projects underway on the Northern Line.

The Rebuilding Of Old Street Station

This page on the Transport for London web site, describes the rebuilding of the station.

This is an extract.

In summer 2022 we will:

  • Create an interim exit route through the main station entrance stairs while works continue on the above-ground part of the new entrance
  • Complete final changes to the traffic layout and close Subway 3 over the weekend of 10, 11 and 12 June 2022.

Transport for London’s journey planner also indicates that up to the end of June, there will be no closures of Old Street station or the Northern Line through the station.

It would appear that this project is totally independent of the trains and access to the platforms.

The Bank Station Upgrade

As far as Angel, Old Street, Moorgate and London Bridge stations are concerned, these stations are generally not affected by the work at Bank, as one line between Moorgate and London Bridge stations is being replaced by another.

  • The signalling will have to be thoroughly checked.
  • Drivers will have to be trained.
  • Station staff will have to be trained in the procedures in the new platform at Bank.

I have checked the closed sections of the Northern Line on Transport for London’s journey planner and found this.

  • May 1st to May 19th – Northern Line closed between Moorgate and Kennington. As now!
  • May 20th – Northern Line fully open
  • May 21st to May 22nd – Northern Line closed between Archway and High Barnet
  • May 23rd to May 31st – Northern Line fully open


  1. I haven’t checked June yet!
  2. Archway has a turnback siding to allow the High Barnet branch to be closed.
  3. All dates are 2022.

It does look that the new Southbound tunnel through Bank station could open on May 20th, which is a Friday.

Crossrail Opening

Transport for London’s journey planner provides some interesting information about TfL Rail services.

  • May 1st – Slightly reduced service
  • May 2nd to May 6th – Normal service
  • May 7th to 8th – Slightly reduced service
  • May 9th to May 19th – Normal service
  • May 21st to 22nd – Slightly reduced service
  • May 23rd to May 31st – Normal service


  1. The slightly reduced service has a few less early morning services and a possible reduced frequency. It only applies at weekends.
  2. Normal service is just that, although trains might not be stopping at all stations.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find, that Crossrail can open on any day, where normal service is running.

With the new Southbound tunnel of the Northern Line possibly opening on the 20th May, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Crossrail opening a few days before, so as to give the very busy part of the London Underground in the City of London, a good test.

The Crossrail Pedestrian Route Between Liverpool Street And Moorgate

I described this pedestrian route in London’s First Underground Roller Coaster and as it is part of the Crossrail pedestrian routes, I suspect it will open with Crossrail.

This picture shows a cross-section of the massive Liverpool Street Crossrail station, which will connect Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations when it opens in December 2018.


  1. Moorgate station is on the left.
  2. Liverpool Street station is on the right.
  3. In the middle looking like a giant juicer is the ventilation shaft in Finsbury Circus.
  4. The Crossrail tunnels, which consist of two running tunnels and a pedestrian walkway between them are at the deepest level.
  5. There are escalators and lifts all over the place.

The route will become an ideal walking route between Liverpool Street and Moorgate stations in heavy rain, for those who don’t want to get wet.

But it could open earlier, as it would test the pedestrian tunnels.

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Old Street Station – 28th March 2022

More beams have gone up at Old Street station in the last ten days.

Several beams have now been erected.

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Old Street Station – 18th March 2022

There has been some progress at Old Street station in the last week.

A large mobile crane has arrived on site and the concrete beams for the station have started to be installed.

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Walking Under Old Street Roundabout – 4th September 2021

On Saturday, I walked under Old Street Roundabout from North to East.

Note the green line leading to Moorfields Eye Hospital.

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Silicon Roundabout – 31st August 2021

The builders did it. Or at least these sections of the project.

  • Getting the roads open.
  • Opening the Cowper Street entrance.

These pictures show the roads in the area at around 09:30 this morning.

The traffic seemed to be moving freely, but there weren’t many cyclists.

This second gallery shows the new Cowper Street entrance to Old Street station.

I was able to enter the station, through the new entrance.

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Silicon Roundabout – 30th August 2021

I took these pictures today on a 43 bus going from Liverpool Street to the Angel.


  1. These pictures were taken around midday today.
  2. Old Street to the East of the roundabout seems to have been resurfaced.
  3. There still seems to be work to do on the South-East corner of the roundabout.
  4. The last two photographs show the new staircase to Subway 1. It needs finishing.

I suspect that if they work all night, the new entrances could be open tomorrow.

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Silicon Roundabout – 29th August 2021

I went back this morning to see what was happening.

I took these pictures walking around the South-Eastern side of the roundabout.


  1. I left the station though Subway 1 (North East exit), crossed over Old Street at the lights and then walked to Moorgate station.
  2. Most of the work I could see, seemed to be concerned with resurfacing the road surface.
  3. The advertising screen seems to be stuck on Hamilton. Is that an omen for Lewis at Spa or is the play sponsoring the works?

There certainly seems a lot to do before Tuesday morning. Let’s hope the weather holds.

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