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Green Hydrogen To Power First Zero Carbon Steel Plant

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on

This is the two introductory paragraphs.

A new industrial initiative, backed by EIT InnoEnergy, will build the world’s first large-scale steel production plant powered by green hydrogen, in north Sweden.

The H2 Green Steel industrial initiative, which will mobilise €2.5bn of investment, aims to deliver a project that will create a new green steel producer from inception.

These further points are made.

  • There will be downstream steel products manufacture.
  • The initiative will create 10,000 direct and indirect jobs.
  • Production could start in 2024.
  • Up to five million tonnes of steel could be produced by 2030.

The plant will be built in the Boden-Lulea area of Northern Sweden.


  1. Boden is in the North-West corner of the map.
  2. Lulea is in the South-East corner of the map.

H2 Green Steel has a web site, which explains more.

What About Scunthorpe?

Surely, the obvious location for green steel production plant in the UK would be Scunthorpe.

  • The HumberZero network can bring in hydrogen and take away any carbon dioxide.
  • The steelworks makes world-class products like railway rails.
  • It is a massive site.
  • The site has good rail access.

But there don’t seem to be any plans for hydrogen steelmaking at Scunthorpe.


I hope we’ve not missed the boat for hydrogen steelmaking.

  • We’ve certainly got the sites, the renewable energy and the hydrogen technology.
  • On the other hand, I can remember sensible arguments for lots of much smaller steel plants from fifty years ago, as an alternative to nationalisation of the steel industry by the Wilson Government in 1967.
  • I can also remember proposals for nuclear steelmaking.

I just wonder, if a design of hydrogen steelmaking plant could be developed, perhaps even using a small modular nuclear reactor to generate the hydrogen.

If we are going to have a steel industry in the future, we must do something radical.

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  1. Does this mean no need for coke and coking coal?

    Comment by TW | February 28, 2021 | Reply

  2. You only need one reducing agent; coke/coal or hydrogen!

    It is my belief, that hydrogen will replace coke and coal totally for steelmaking by around 2040.

    As I said, someone will come up with something radical.This Swedish plan appears radical, but they do have iron ore, renewable energy and a port close together.

    Scunthorpe just lacks the ore, but Immingham can probably import it.

    Comment by AnonW | February 28, 2021 | Reply

  3. So production in 2024 would be an item against the West Cumbria coking coal mine.

    And if this Swedish steel plant uses hydrogen, how long before all the other European plants, including the UK, go hydrogen?

    Which seriously undermines the West Cumbria coking coal mine which then becomes a bad investment as the mine has been granted a 25 year production time span by Cumbria Coucnty Council.

    Comment by TW | February 28, 2021 | Reply

  4. […] I very much believe that Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire, would be the ideal place for hydrogen steelmaking in the UK as I outlined in Green Hydrogen To Power First Zero Carbon Steel Plant. […]

    Pingback by H2 Green Steel Plans 800 MW Hydrogen Plant In Sweden « The Anonymous Widower | March 1, 2021 | Reply

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