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Silicon Roundabout – 8th March 2021

I took these pictures from the top deck of a 21 bus going North from Moorgate to home.


  1. Pictures 3 and 4 show a large hole, which is probably for the main station entrance.
  2. Picture 5 shows how the ramp is being modified to be stairs to create the North-East entrance by the Shoreditch Grind.
  3. See Silicon Roundabout – 6th January 2021 for an earlier pass through on the same route.

This visualisation from TfL, shows the main entrance with the North-East entrance and the lift behind,


  1. The lift tower with the tree behind it.
  2. If the Shoreditch Grind was shown, I think it would be partly behind the lift tower.
  3. The stairs for the North East entrance to the right of the lift with the totem indicating the station.

I suspect that given that the station needs to be kept open during the works, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the North-East entrance and the lift open before the main entrance.

I also think, that the Cowper Street entrance on the other side of Old Street roundabout will open before the main entrance for the same reason.

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