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Jaw Jaw Is Better Than War War!

There is an article in The Times today with a title of Britain Ready To Share Dutch-Made Vaccine With EU.

It talks of compromise and how Boris Johnson has effectively told his ministers to cool it.

I feel that Boris is right to seek a compromise. As Churchill said “Jaw, jaw is better than war-war!”

I wouldn’t be surprised that we have a lot to offer the EU about other things than making the vaccine.


There have been several examples published in this newspaper and other media outlets, about how we have squeezed extra doses out of the Pfizer vaccine and made sure we have potential recipients on hand, so that nothing goes to waste.

Perhaps we have a suitable brigadier, doctor, mandarin or project manager, who could put some drive and organisation into the EU’s flagging effort.

If it is a big loss of face to some EU politicians so be it.

AstraZeneca’s Problem

If AZ do have problem, it appears to be in the manufacture.

After all it is AZ’s first vaccine.

This surely, is a problem, that can be solved, even if it upsets AZ a bit on how it is done!

European Vaccine Reluctance

But I do think the EU’s vaccination is not helped by the population’s reluctance to have a jab.

We had Tom Jones and the US had Dolly Parton, amongst others who backed vaccinations.

Have stars of similar standing backed the vaccination in the EU?

Help From The Yanks

As usual, the Americans have arrived late to bolster the efforts.

Lets hope that their data published today persuades more EU citizens to take the jab and even one from the UK!

But surely any vaccine that gives you 100 % protection from severe disease, as the Yanks say that the AZ does, can’t be all bad!


I believe that as the UK and the EU share a common will to defeat the virus, that a good compromise can be developed over the next few days.

Let’s hope it goes better than the last time, we told the French what to do in a serious situation.

My father told me about Churchill’s dash to Paris in 1940 to offer union with France to try and save the country.

Read all about it in this article on the London School of Economics web site, which is entitled June 1940: Britain’s Forgotten Attempt To Build A European Union.

What Churchill Actually Said

In trying to find when Churchill used the title of this post, I found this page on the International Churchill Society web site, which is entitled Quotes Falsely Attributed To Winston Churchill.

The actual quote was “Meeting jaw to jaw is better than war” and it was misquoted later by Harold Macmillan.

Does meeting Zoom to Zoom count?

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  1. All logical, AW, but politicians have their own agendas. The EU’s highly politicised approach to this has been a disgrace. My message to UvdL is to see if you can help AZ sort out its manufacturing problem (perhaps caused by the Dutch factory having to be set up in rather a hurry) instead whingeing about Britain as if we were the culprits. EU countries have 13 million unused vaccines, which, at the relaxed rate they are vaccinating, will take them weeks to get through.

    Comment by Stephen Spark | March 22, 2021 | Reply

  2. I always like Tony Livesey’s story on Radio 5. He was in the vets in early evening with his dog and an NHS nurse came in and asked if anybody would like the vaccine.

    Apparently, they were vaccinating the care home residents and staff next door and they’d finished but still had a few doses of the Pfizer vaccine left.

    So some got a vaccine by being in the right place at the right time.

    Would that have happened in every country in the EU?

    It would be interesting to compare waste rates of the Pfizer vaccine in various countries.

    Comment by AnonW | March 22, 2021 | Reply

    • I doubt it! I also wonder whether some of the supposed post-vaccination problems (very few in number and certainly never enough to warrant stopping the vital vaccination programme) may lie with poor injection practices in some countries. And how many of the affected people had been infected prior to vaccination? Clotting is a known side-effect of Covid.

      The US results were very encouraging and it will be interesting to see whether they sway the remaining AZ-sceptical countries.

      I haven’t heard about big stars backing the vaccine in the EU. But where is (certainly where WAS) the vital messaging from EU leaders about the need to get vaccinated? Where is the pushback against the anti-vaxxers and reassurance for the vaccine-fearful?

      Comment by Stephen Spark | March 22, 2021 | Reply

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