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Epping Station – 30th August 2021

In Essex Councillors Call For Underground Link, I discussed the pros and cons of extending the Central Line from Epping station to Harlow.

As I didn’t have any pictures of Epping station. I went to the station and took these.

This map from shows the track layout at Epping station.


  1. There are two platforms both of which are used to terminate trains.
  2. Platform 2 is step-free, but Platform 1 is only step-free for exit only.
  3. There is a large car park with 541 spaces including twelve for disabled drivers.

I suspect this means, that someone who has difficulty with the bridge and has parked their car in the car park has a problem.

To my mind there are two obvious solutions.

  • Put in a second step-free bridge at the station.
  • If no trains go past the ends of the platform, it might be possible to build a level walkway across the two tracks.

It would all depend on the budget and any plans to extend the Central Line to Harlow or on to the tracks of the Epping Ongar Railway.

It would certainly be possible to extend Platform 1 to serve as a platform for the Epping Ongar Railway and have a walkway across the tracks  to give step-free access between all three platforms.

  • It would make the heritage Epping Ongar Railway into a unique London tourist attraction with direct access from the Underground.
  • It might even be possible for the heritage railway to run connection services between Epping and Ongar at times, when they would be financially worthwhile and operationally possible.

There are certainly possibilities.

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  1. Epping Station may be the end of the line today but the Central line used to run further on to Onger but the line was cut back . However, a section of the route has become an heritage railway and thus extension from Epping would either mean the end of the line for the heritage railway or construction of a new route from Epping Station .

    I can’t see how this idea can be plausible given the number of stations the line Would stop at compared to the faster mainline passengers use today.

    One useful change at Epping Station would be to look severing the line beyond Epping Station in order to build a link between platforms making the offside platform accessible from the station entrance . Longer term extension of the heritage line to Epping Station could benefit both railways with heritage trains using platforms beyond the existing platforms

    Comment by Melvyn | August 30, 2021 | Reply

  2. I was writing the last section of the post, whilst you were writing your comment. Merseyrail has head-on connections, where two trains use the same platform at Ormskirk and Kirkby, as does the Overground at Clapham Junction.

    How many people would take their kids for a ride on a steam train, if all they needed to do was get on the Central Line?

    Comment by AnonW | August 30, 2021 | Reply

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