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An American Take On Lumo

One of my Google Alerts picked up this article on an American site called Travel + Leisure, which is entitled A Brand-New Train Launched In The UK Today — Linking Cities Like Edinburgh And London For As Little As $20.

As I have sat next to American and Canadian couples and families on Anglo-Scottish trains, I hope that Lumo’s website is friendly to those living outside the UK.

Will The Lumo Concept Take Off In The United States?

I’m no expert, but on the right route, I don’t see why not!

After all, easyJet, Go and Ryanair took on the concept of the low-cost airline, which was pioneered by Pacific Southwest Airlines in California.

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  1. Brightline, who are building the Miami to Orlando railroad and the Las Vegas to Los Angeles line certainly aren’t planning on following the Lumo model and as far as I know the provisional train operator of the planned Dallas to Houston High speed line, RENFE will follow the same practice as Brightline offering different classes of travel. Amtrak certainly doesn’t follow the budget airlines philosophy even on the Acela North East Corridor.
    Many new commuter railroads around the States find converting people to the train so difficult that they have to offer free introductory rides for a period of time just to try and coax them away from the car.

    Comment by fammorris | October 23, 2021 | Reply

    • I agree, the demand isn’t there yet for additional competing services.

      And while most long distance passenger trains in the US are effectively open access (Amtrak buying paths from predominantly freight operators), I’m not sure that the new high speed lines will be forced to open access model.

      It is also true that flying in the US is often cheaper than train (e.g. Southwest/Frontier/Alaska equivalent to Easyjet, and Spirit equivalent to Ryanair/Wizz); quite a bit of train service is “lifeline” for rural areas that are remote from airports

      While I am sure that President “Amtrak” Joe would like more trains, he is a realist

      Comment by Milest | October 31, 2021 | Reply

      • Yes never mind the price, long distance trains don’t exactly run to timetable. Although most long distance trains were less than 3 hours overdue (some were only minutes adrift), Friday’s NYC – Miami service arrived 10 hrs 23 mins late

        Comment by fammorris | October 31, 2021

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