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TfL To Ban Private e-Scooters and e-Unicycles From Its Premises

The title of this post, is the same as this article on City AM.

I am no fan of these devices, especially, when they are ridden on pavements at speed, as they are very often in London.

I have also seen several instances of Darwinian behaviour, which would increase the quality of the gene pool.

The sooner the riders of these devices are made to obey the law the better.

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  1. I have to agree with you! Until they sort the law out, or even try enforcing the existing laws a lot more, we’ll continue to see bad behaviour.
    I’m not a lover of having these on the roads and have seen some terrible behaviour particularly at road junctions. The number of near misses I have seen in my local area horrifies me. The problem I have with the regulated e-scooters is that the top speed (15mph) is insufficient for road usage and they tend to have no guts from a standing start on even a slight incline. It needs to be increased to 20-25mph. I’ve used an e-scooter a few times, but not as often I wish because I feel uncomfortable using on some roads in my area.
    I would prefer usage on paths (with a max speed of 15mph) that have shared bicycle routes or even bus lanes. Although cyclists rarely even reach 15mph in cycle lanes.
    The real problem is lack of regulation and management of currently. While renters of e-scooters have some form of insurance cover, unregulated users do not and they are the ones that most do not obey the Highway Code in any form.
    The police really should be doing a lot more confiscating and that disappoints me. Until the police start enforcing current regulations e-scooter users will not take the law seriously.
    The minimum requirement for all e-scooter users should be a provisional DL and at least third party insurance irrespective of whether you are a legal user or not.
    It will be interesting how all the various pilot schemes around the country dictate future law, but somehow I doubt it will please everyone. As a form of transport, they have to be a way forward, but regulation as with road vehicles is key.

    Comment by Andrew Bruton | December 10, 2021 | Reply

    • Near me, there are two sets of four-way traffic lights with full pedestrian lights on the Balls Pond Road. One crossing also has a diagonal light-controlled pedestrian crossing, which works well.

      But being the East of London, pedestrians often anticipate the green and step into the road as the lights change in their favour. I was guilty as charged this morning, and only when I saw a cyclist hurtling towards me up the inside of a bus did I step back. I suspect I saw him out of the corner of my cataract-free left eye, despite the fact he was coming from the right.

      It does looked like the cataract operation has worked.

      But it will not be long before someone is hurt on these crossings by a cycle or scooter. I’ve already been hit twice but not hurt by cyclists in the area; once on the pavement and once on a zebra crossing.

      Comment by AnonW | December 10, 2021 | Reply

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