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Platform Construction Underway At Winslow On New East West Railway

The title of this post, is the same as that as this article on Rail Advent.

This picture from Network Rail shows the Winslow station construction site.

This paragraph from the Rail Advent article describes the operation.

A 250 tonne crawler crane is being used to lift over 500 pre-cast concrete platform units into position within new railway cutting. As there is limited space available on site, a smartphone app has been developed to allow the platform units to be called for delivery in the exact construction sequence. The crane’ ‘lattice boom’ is 62-metres long , which is taller than Nelson’s Column.

That all sounds like good project management to me.

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  1. I should hope so for the cost of it.

    Comment by Andrew Bruton | December 27, 2021 | Reply

  2. It should be born in mind that Beeching recommended that this line be retained. I wonder what it would be like today if it had been, given that the Bletchley Flyover had opened in 1962. I suspect, it would have become the major freight route to and from Felixstowe.

    Comment by AnonW | December 27, 2021 | Reply

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