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The New Winslow Station Site

This Google Map shows the site of the new Winslow station, on the East West Railway.


  1. The line from north of Wolvercote Tunnel (just north of Oxford) through Bicester to Bletchley would be enabled for 100 mph (160 km/h) double-track running.
  2. There will be two platforms at Winslow station.
  3. The station is planned to open in 2024.

Services at the station are likely to be.

  • Two tph – Oxford and Milton Keynes via Oxford Parkway, Bicester Village, Winslow and Bletchley
  • One tph – Oxford and Bedford via Oxford Parkway, Bicester Village, Winslow, Bletchley, Woburn Sands and Ridgmont


  1. tph is trains per hour.
  2. It appears the current Bedford and Bletchley service will continue.

It looks like the one tph service between Aylesbury and Milton Keynes via Aylesbury Vale Parkway, Winslow, Bletchley has been deferred indefinitely.


  • Building a single track railway between Aylesbury Vale Parkway station and Claydon Junction on the East West Railway can’t be that challenging or expensive.
  • A single track railway should be able to handle the required train service of up to two tph at Aylesbury Vale Parkway station and occasional freight trains.

It doesn’t look too difficult or costly. So why? The only valid reason I can think of is that High Speed Two doesn’t want it for some reason.

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Platform Construction Underway At Winslow On New East West Railway

The title of this post, is the same as that as this article on Rail Advent.

This picture from Network Rail shows the Winslow station construction site.

This paragraph from the Rail Advent article describes the operation.

A 250 tonne crawler crane is being used to lift over 500 pre-cast concrete platform units into position within new railway cutting. As there is limited space available on site, a smartphone app has been developed to allow the platform units to be called for delivery in the exact construction sequence. The crane’ ‘lattice boom’ is 62-metres long , which is taller than Nelson’s Column.

That all sounds like good project management to me.

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Then And Now: Winslow’s Transformation Over The Years As New Train Station Construction Continues

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Buckinghamshire Live.

Very little has been heard about progress at Winslow station on East West Rail and the article fills in a lot of gaps.

  • Interesting to see, that the board at the station still shows the link to Aylesbury.
  • The article says that the station should be finished by 2023.
  • Work has definitely started on the station.

It does seem that this important rail link is well and truly underway.

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Sometimes You Win Slow

Announcements on the East West Rail Link, haven’t exactly come thick and fast, the last one being the route of the section between Bedford and Cambridge, that I talked about in Is Cambridge University Being Pragmatic About The East West Rail Link?, was published in March 2016.

This article on Mix96 is entitled Winslow’s Station Is One Step Closer.

This is said.

Now a station for the town is one step nearer as Bucks County Council has paid £900,000 for a site to build it.

That looks like nine hundred thousand small steps to me.

Winslow station is to be built to the North-West of the town and this Google Map shows the location.

Winslow Station Site

Winslow Station Site

The lower black scar contains a rusty single-track and is all that remains of the original Varsity Line

When open the station will have two services.

  • London Marylebone to Milton Keynes Central via Aylesbury, Winslow and Bletchley
  • Reading-to Bedford via Oxford, Winslow, Bletchley and possibly Milton Keynes Central.

Wikipedia talks about opening one train per hour on both services in 2019.

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