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The New Winslow Station Site

This Google Map shows the site of the new Winslow station, on the East West Railway.


  1. The line from north of Wolvercote Tunnel (just north of Oxford) through Bicester to Bletchley would be enabled for 100 mph (160 km/h) double-track running.
  2. There will be two platforms at Winslow station.
  3. The station is planned to open in 2024.

Services at the station are likely to be.

  • Two tph – Oxford and Milton Keynes via Oxford Parkway, Bicester Village, Winslow and Bletchley
  • One tph – Oxford and Bedford via Oxford Parkway, Bicester Village, Winslow, Bletchley, Woburn Sands and Ridgmont


  1. tph is trains per hour.
  2. It appears the current Bedford and Bletchley service will continue.

It looks like the one tph service between Aylesbury and Milton Keynes via Aylesbury Vale Parkway, Winslow, Bletchley has been deferred indefinitely.


  • Building a single track railway between Aylesbury Vale Parkway station and Claydon Junction on the East West Railway can’t be that challenging or expensive.
  • A single track railway should be able to handle the required train service of up to two tph at Aylesbury Vale Parkway station and occasional freight trains.

It doesn’t look too difficult or costly. So why? The only valid reason I can think of is that High Speed Two doesn’t want it for some reason.

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  1. its because of funding and the DfT lack of willingness nothing to do with hs2 at all. Also the Bedford service is not to become reality until the Bedford to Bletchley section is upgraded so initially when it opens it will just be MKC to Oxford twice an hour then connect stage 2 will run to Bedford twice an hour (instead of one) and then stage 3 will be to Cambridge

    Comment by Jorge Da Silva | March 3, 2022 | Reply

  2. I used to commute on the Chiltern line from South Bucks into Marylebone.

    Not having an Aylesbury Parkway to Milton Keynes service is a huge shame.

    Is it also not a promise broken?

    There needs to be a through Marylebone to MKC service, at least 1tph. From my personal viewpoint, via High Wycombe as we have relatives near the High Wycombe line

    Comment by chilterntrev | March 3, 2022 | Reply

  3. I think I would agree with you, as I suspect that journeys like Aylesbury to Manchester or Liverpool are difficult, but going via MK could be easier given the philosophy recently laid out by Avanti in Modern Railways recently.

    I don’t think it would cost a great deal and you wonder, if it’s a decision made by a civil servant, who never uses the trains.

    Comment by AnonW | March 3, 2022 | Reply

  4. Looks like the line from Bedford to Cambridge is not going to be opened. So, the Varsity Line will remain a thing of the past.

    Comment by Maurice Reed | March 4, 2022 | Reply

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