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The Curious Tale Of The Queen, Putin And David Blunkett’s Guide Dog

This article on the Daily Mirror is entitled Putin Left The Queen Waiting For 14 Mins And She Broke Protocol To Make Snide Remark.

This is an extract.

According to David Blunkett, who was Home Secretary at the time, his guide dog reacted defensively towards Putin.

Mr Blunkett told the BBC : “The only time I met Vladimir Putin was back in 2003 on an official visit and my then dog barked very loudly.

“I did apologise to the Queen who was obviously hosting. I don’t think I am giving anything away when I said, ‘Sorry your Majesty about the dog barking.’

“She said, ‘Dogs have interesting instincts, don’t they?'”

Note that at the time, Putin had a black Labrador Retriever bitch called Konni.

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