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Hornsea 2, The World’s Largest Windfarm, Enters Full Operation

The title of this post, is the same as that of this press release from Ørsted.

These are the first three paragraphs, which outline the project.

The 1.3GW project comprises 165 wind turbines, located 89km off the Yorkshire Coast, which will help power over 1.4 million UK homes with low-cost, clean and secure renewable energy. It is situated alongside its sister project Hornsea 1, which together can power 2.5 million homes and make a significant contribution to the UK Government’s ambition of having 50 GW offshore wind in operation by 2030.

The Hornsea Zone, an area of the North Sea covering more than 2,000 sq km, is also set to include Hornsea 3. The 2.8GW project is planned to follow Hornsea 2 having been awarded a contract for difference from the UK government earlier this year.

Hornsea 2 has played a key role in the ongoing development of a larger and sustainably competitive UK supply chain to support the next phase of the UK’s offshore wind success story. In the past five years alone, Ørsted has placed major contracts with nearly 200 UK suppliers with £4.5 billion invested to date and a further £8.6 billion expected to be invested over the next decade.


  1. Hornsea1 was the previous largest offshore wind farm.
  2. The first three Hornsea wind farms, could have a total output of over 5 GW.
  3. There is a possible Hornsea 4, that may be in the pipeline!

Will Hornsea 3 take the crown from Hornsea 2, when it is commissioned in 2027?

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  1. These are incredible engineering feats although as ive said before all the high value kit is imported and most of the heavy lifting is done by Dutch companies all we do is provide support boats largely and thast after a decade of investment we haven’t built a home-grown installation and construction team.

    Of course nameplate rating and actual delivery of power are fundamentally different with renewables and it really troubles me that the politicians don’t get that its will always have to complemented by alternative power sources unless we want to move to a society where we only get power when the blows or the sun is out. There is absolutely no way storage is going to be able to cover this deficit for decades, if ever, so we need gas and actually we should be looking at the low emission coal power stations that are available already and would be competitive at these power price levels which to be honest are never going to fall back below £100/MWh.

    Finally what Orsted aren’t telling us is they’ve elected to operate the site outside of the CfD regime, which is their right, so consumers won’t be benefitting from the payback the CfD shoud be offering consumers. Even worse they can now bid in at low prices and then receive the marginal cost price which has been running at £500/MWh over the last few weeks. This is just not right and waht is even worse Kwarteng knows about this loophole but he hasn’t changed it for allocation round 4 so we are being setup for more of the same. The new PM needs to just change it and bugger the consequences from legal teams as its just not in the spirit of what was being agreed here and companies like Orsted are morally bankrupt behaving this way.

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | September 2, 2022 | Reply

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