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The Queen’s Flowers In Green Park

I went to see the flowers from the Queen’s funeral, this afternoon in Green Park.

The BBC have just announced, that the flowers will be taken away at midnight on Monday.

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  1. […] I went to see the Queen’s flowers, that I wrote about in The Queen’s Flowers In Green Park, the 38 bus, I rode to Green Park, was a refurbished New […]

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  2. Thank goodness for that. I understand that people feel the need to make a tangible gesture of some kind, but the obsession with floral offerings and candles is becoming like a religion and is quite unsettling. An individual flower is often beautiful, but when wrapped in unrecyclable cellophane and dumped on the ground en masse, the effect is discordant and soon, as decay sets in, unpleasant. It’s also a shocking waste of money at a time when some people are struggling to put food on the table. Rotting vegetation feeds no one.

    Couldn’t the royal family follow many of their subjects in requesting “no flowers, please” at the funeral and suggesting a donation to charity instead? Our new King has been a great beacon for the environmental movement, so perhaps he can take a stand against the unsustainable funeral flower mania.

    Comment by Stephen Spark | September 20, 2022 | Reply

  3. I agree. It should be noted too, that the Duke of Edinburgh and the King both started charities that have benefitted a lot of young people all over the country.

    The funniest flower story, I know was at the other end of life.

    Some years ago, I lived in a small hamlet and one of the residents was the manager of an important race course. She had a baby and it seemed that virtually everyone in racing sent her congratulatory flowers. She couldn’t handle them all, so distributed them to everybody in the hamlet. We’d never had so many flowers in the house.

    I’m actually not a flower person, so I don’t have any in the house, unless someone is staying, when I will put flowers in their room.

    But I do live in one of London’s garden villages with a central square with lots of flowers. It’s also used by Hackney Council to train apprentice gardeners, so it’s always in good condition.

    Comment by AnonW | September 20, 2022 | Reply

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