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The Queen’s Flowers In Green Park

I went to see the flowers from the Queen’s funeral, this afternoon in Green Park.

The BBC have just announced, that the flowers will be taken away at midnight on Monday.

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How Flower Power Is Being Used To Fight Terrorists

The title of this post, is the same as that of an article on pages 38-39 of yesterday’s copy of The Times.

It describes how Marshalls and the wonderfully-names subsidiary; The Great British Bollard Company are using giant planters to stop terrorist attacks using trucks.

The pictures with the article show some gigantic planters stopping a large vehicle.

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Flowers Maketh The City

Wandering round Birmingham yesterday, I was pleased to see the city was more colourful.

There’s no doubt in my mind, that flowers can improve the city.

Birmingham at the present time, also has a floral trail linked to the anniversary of the Great War.

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Hundreds Of Sunflowers

On the forecourt at St. Pancras station, it was all happening this morning.

It’s an art installation, that will be opening on Tuesday.

I shall return!

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A More Colourful Railway

Travelling all over Europe, as I have been recently, when you get on British Trains, you nothing how there is more colour everywhere. Watford Junction shown here, isn’t that bright in the rain, but there’s more colour and texture, than I’ve seen in Europe. Look at the dramatic, but colourless station in Liege.

A More Colourful Railway

A More Colourful Railway

The flowers at Watford seemed to be a bit down, but you’ll see lots of flowers on British stations.  I can’t really remember them in Europe.

This also extends to metros and subways, where I don’t think I saw anything as bright as London’s, red, white and blue.

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Garlands Of Flowers At St. Paul’s

Everybody was photographing these flowers at St. Paul’s.

Ignoramus in this area, as I am, I have no idea what type they are!

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Palm Trees In The Snow

I should have taken this picture of the palm trees in Hackney, a couple of days ago, before the snow started to melt.

Palm Trees In The Snow

Palm Trees In The Snow

Although, it’s cold January day, the flowers are already out.

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Strutt And Parker Opens A Florist

I photographed this stall outside Sloane Square station.

Strutt And Parker Opens A Florist

Strutt And Parker Opens A Florist

Times must be hard for estate agents!

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Did You Know You Can’t Take Flowers In The Channel Tunnel?

I was thinking about taking some to a friend in The Netherlands, but I’ve found out you can’t take them.

It’s all to do with the fact that as the Channel Tunnel is below sea level, the negative pressure causes the petals to drop off. It’s the same if you’re in a train or in the Shuttle.

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The Magnificent Olympic Park Flowers

So many have remarked that the best part of the Olympic Park is the flowers.

Judge for yourself! Read about how the gardens were created in the Daily Telegraph.

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