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Is There A Virtuous Circle In The Installation Of Wind Farms?

Because we are developing so much offshore wind turbine capacity, this will result in two things.

  • A big demand for steel for the foundations and floats for wind turbines.
  • A large amount of electricity at a good price.

In my view the UK would be the ideal country to develop an integrated steel and wind turbine foundation/float capability.

There will also be a strong demand for deep water ports and sea lochs to assemble the floating turbines.

Our geography helps in this one. We also have Milford Haven, which is just around the corner from Port Talbot. Scunthorpe is on the River Trent, so could we assemble floats and foundations and take them by barge for assembly or installation.

We probably need an integrated capability in Scotland.


It looks to me, that there is a virtuous circle.

  • The more offshore wind turbine capacity we install, the more affordable electricity we will have.
  • This will in turn allow us to make more steel.
  • If this steel was produced in an integrated factory producing foundations and floats for wind farms, this would complete the circle.
  • It would also be inefficient to make the foundations thousands of miles away and tow them to UK waters.

Any improvements in costs and methods, would make the system more efficient and we would have more wind turbines installed.

It looks to be a good idea.

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  1. We need REMA to be bought to a quick conclusion so consumers benefit from the true price of offshore windpower not that one that linked to the price of gas. Taxpayers have given billions in support to kickstart this industry and consumers must benefit from this investment but currently we aren’t.

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | October 8, 2022 | Reply

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