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Isle of Man Steam Packet Fears Wind Farm Plans May Disrupt UK Routes

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

These are the first four paragraphs.

Plans to build two new offshore wind farms in the Irish Sea could disrupt Isle of Man ferry services, a Manx operator has warned.

Energy firms have proposed projects named Morgan and Morecambe in areas between the island and Lancashire.

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company said the developments could cause navigation issues for its sailings to Liverpool and Heysham in bad weather.

But the project’s backers said it was possible to find “ways to co-exist”.

Given, that the approaches to the Ports of Felixstowe, Immingham, Leith, Liverpool, London Gateway and Tilbury, are littered with hundreds of wind turbines, I would suspect that finding a solution will not be difficult.

Perhaps, The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company is angling for a subsidy.

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company has a current fleet of three ships.

  • The company serves Belfast, Dublin, Heysham and Liverpool.
  • All routes will likely be through wind farms in a few years.
  • The ships were all built in 1998.
  • A new ship is being built in South Korea for delivery in 2023.
  • All ships are diesel-powered.

Does The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company have a decarbonisation policy?

With the three wind farms having the following sizes.

  • Mona – 1500 MW
  • Morgan – 1500 MW
  • Morecambe – 480 MW

Perhaps, some of the nearly 3.5 GW could be used to power electric or hydrogen ships to the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man is also powered currently by the Isle of Man to England interconnector and an 85 MW combined cycle gas turbine power station at Pulrose, in the capital, Douglas.

With all of the wind power surrounding the island, perhaps there is some scope for repurposing the island’s economy.

It’s not the island for steelmaking or heavy industry, but what about a few data centres?

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