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I Need To Regularly Eat A Large Plate Of Calves’ Liver

I’ve always liked liver, as did my father and we would eat it regularly at home. We were the two coeliacs in the family, although neither of us had been diagnosed at the time.

My late wife never ever cooked me liver, but would always be happy to go with me, when I ate it. I remember once in Berlin, she found a wonderful restaurant that served liver, on the other side of the city to where we were staying.

I also used to eat it regularly in restaurants when I moved to London, especially in Carluccio’s. The one round the corner from me in Islington is long gone and I used to eat liver there often.

But now finding a restaurant that serves calve’s liver in London is extremely difficult. Marks and Spencer also used to sell it, as I wrote in Lovely Liver. They still sell lamb’s liver but it’s not the same.

I’m certain, if I don’t supplement my B12 injections with a nice plate of liver, I get medical problems.

I suspect that my stroke-damaged brain, may well snaffle a lot of the B12 injection, thus leaving the rest of my body with just a few dregs.

So does anybody know of a quality pub or restaurant within easy reach of public transport from London, that sells liver?

Or failing that a proper butchers, that can prepare it for me to cook.

It should be noted, that I’m not good at cutting up meat, as my left arm is damaged. Not by the stroke, but by the school bully, who broke my arm, when I was fourteen.


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  1. Hi AW,
    How about The Hope in Holloway Road / Highbury Islington?
    It’s not a pub or restaurant but a traditional caff (a really nice one though!) and they do have liver dishes on the menu.
    I hope you will find what you are looking for – and greetings from a long term reader of your blog!
    Best wishes,

    Comment by Yat | November 14, 2022 | Reply

  2. Thanks! It’s convenient for me, although the 30 bus, I’d take to get there, is always held up by Islington’s ultra-woke traffic arrangements.

    Comment by AnonW | November 14, 2022 | Reply

  3. Can’t help you shopping in London, but I recently got some Ox liver delivered by Morrison’s.
    It was cheap and already sliced. Bit stronger than calves’ liver, which I haven’t seen for ages.
    Probably worth a try, and if you don’t like it at a pound you could give to your neighbour’s dog.

    Lamb’s liver probably the nicest. Liver cuts extremely easily providing your knife is sharp.

    Comment by R. Mark Clayton | November 14, 2022 | Reply

  4. Thanks! I have a big Morrison’s near me. Marks used to do liver like that!

    My problem is that my left hand is useless, due to the fact that the school bully broke my humerus. So my knife skills are terrible and I’ve cut myself in the past.

    Comment by AnonW | November 14, 2022 | Reply

  5. I was surprised that you were having trouble finding any options so I entertained myself with some Googling. These two might be worthwhile
    and then there’s this place in Muswell Hill
    440 Muswell Hill Broadway
    N10 1BS
    and you have a few butchers in the E8 and E11 that may be worth a visit.

    Comment by fammorris | November 14, 2022 | Reply

    • Thanks!

      Comment by AnonW | November 14, 2022 | Reply

  6. Maybe a bit far to go, but I expect that you can get it in North West London, at either Kents (St. John’s Wood High Street) or the Hampstead Providore. I would call first. Both will be £££.

    I did also check Riverford, but no beef related liver although venison is available (their minimum meat order is £25 which is a lot, and you may need to be a veg box member although that can be very irregular). Maybe Abel & Cole? You could also try various organic farms which sell direct (e.g. Tamarisk).

    Comment by MilesT | November 16, 2022 | Reply

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