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Multi-Turbine Windcatcher Secures More Funding

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This is the sub-heading.

Norway’s Wind Catching Systems AS, the developer of the Windcatcher floating offshore wind technology, has secured a pre-project grant of NOK 9.3 million (USD 0.9 Million) from ENOVA.

The Windcatcher certainly looks impressive on the home page of the Wind Catching Systems AS web site.

This image is of the over-station development at Moorgate station.

If this structure is strong enough to hold up an eight floor building, surely a system can be designed to hold up a number of small wind turbines.

But will it work well in practice or is it just something that looks good in a visualisation?

Note that aerodynamics and fluid flow are difficult subjects to model on a computer, as I say from experience of getting nowhere, when I tried to mathematically model a plastic extruder at ICI in the early 1970s.

But I did successfully invest in two guys, who went on to develop the Respimat inhaler for Boehringer Ingelheim.

So I have had mixed success in dealing with these tricky subjects.

When I look at the Windcatcher, I think there’s a fifty-percent chance, that it will be a success and a lot depends on the investors.

I do wish the company well and I feel it in my bones, that a couple of weird turbine designs will be runaway successes.

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