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Green Hydrogen Roundup: Statera Eyes ‘Critical’ 3GW Project In Scotland; UK Government Provides Support To Carlton Power And Octopus Hydrogen

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Current News.

This is the first heading.

Statera to develop ‘critical’ 3GW green hydrogen project in Scotland

These two paragraphs outline the project.

Energy generation and storage company Statera has released plans to develop a 3GW green hydrogen project in Scotland capable of supplying the UK with up to 30% of its 10GW by 2030 hydrogen target.

The major green hydrogen project is set to harness surplus Scottish wind power to power an electrolyser facility. The green hydrogen is expected to supply Statera’s power generating facilities and the UK’s carbon intensive industrial clusters via existing gas transmission pipelines.

This project will be built in Kintore.

This Google Map shows Kintore sub station.

As this substation features on the home page of Kintore Hydrogen’s informative web site, I would assume, the electrolyser will be built nearby.

Statera’s web site is also informative.

This is the second heading.

Carlton Power receives UK government backing for three green hydrogen projects

These two paragraphs outline the projects.

Energy infrastructure development company Carlton Power has received UK government backing for three green hydrogen projects in Greater Manchester, Cumbria and Devon.

The backing has been received via the first round of the government’s Hydrogen Business Model (HBM)/Net Zero Hydrogen Fund process, which is worth up to £240 million. Around 15 projects in total will receive financial backing via this allocation.

The three projects will have a total capacity of 240 MW.

This article is very much one to read fully and thoroughly.

These are my thoughts.

Hydrogen Will Be Used To Bring Energy South From Scotland

This is part of a quote from Statera’s Managing Director.

The use of green hydrogen in the project has various perks. Firstly, it will utilise excess green energy that is generated from the vast Scottish wind sector and thus provide an additional basis to decarbonise sectors.

In doing so, Statera has said this will reduce the need for more costly transmission grid reinforcements to convey excess electricity in Scotland to other parts of the UK – in particular large industrial clusters.

Extracting Hydrogen From The Hydrogen/National Gas Blend

It’s all very well bringing the hydrogen South from Scotland blended with natural gas in the existing gas network, but how do you deliver pure hydrogen to those that need it?

In New Device Separates Hydrogen From Natural Gas When The Two Gases Are Blended In Pipelines, I wrote about such a device that has been developed by HyET Hydrogen in the Netherlands.

It is claimed to be silent and to create 99.9 % pure hydrogen.


This is an important milestone in cutting the UK’s carbon emissions.


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  1. Im still on the fence over whether hydrogen can become a mainstream alternative to domestic gas but certainly has a place in transportation if the big engine manufacturers can get a reliable hydrogen fuelled product. Ive also been advocating for either batteries or electrolysers near Scottish onshore wind farms as far too much energy is being constrained off the grid on windy days due to NG transmission system capacity always playing catch up. It also makes sense to have one large location rather than multiple sites but the only thing thats not answered in that article is how are they going to transport it as it seems main initial market will be substitute non green hydrogen production. So you can move it by road in specialist tankers but amount depends on whether its in gaseous or liquid form so can see people saying its created a lot of road movements. Anyhow weve got to start somewhere.

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | April 2, 2023 | Reply

  2. With my experience of a hydrogen plant, I would have no objection to having my boiler burning a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen.

    I have feeling that it is possible to extract hydrogen out of a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen, simply because of the difference in molecular weight. If we can’t now, I suspect someone is working on it, as it would be terribly useful in a hydrogen filling station.

    Cummins and others, think they’ve got a reliable hydrogen fuelled product.

    Creating green hydrogen with surplus electricity and then distributing it in the existing gas pipes could be the way to use the electricity.

    In this post.

    The Mathematics Of Blending Twenty Percent Of Hydrogen Into The UK Gas Grid

    I calculated we’d need 8.2 GW of hydrogen electrolysers to turn our gas supply into a 20 % hydrogen blend.

    So the 3.24 GW mentioned in the article is just a good start.

    Comment by AnonW | April 2, 2023 | Reply

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