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World First As HS2 Trials Dual-Fuel Piling Rig On London Site

The title of this post, is the same as that of this news item on HS2.

This is the piling rig.

These are the two bullet points.

  • Four piles installed using a hydrogen dual-fuel piling rig, cutting the use of traditional fuel by 36%.
  • Trial is the first real world use of the technology on a construction site.

These three paragraphs outline the project.

HS2 has taken a further step forward in decarbonising the constructure sector, completing a world first by installing four 30-metre deep piles on a London site using a hydrogen dual-fuel piling rig.

The trial took place as part of work done in partnership by ULEMCo and Cementation Skanska, working with the world-leading Business Research Establishment (BRE), funded through the BEIS Phase 1 Red Diesel Replacement competition.

ULEMCo and Cementation Skanska successfully modified a medium sized CFA piling rig, converting it so that the machine component operated using energy from on-board hydrogen tanks. Using the dual-fuel system, both diesel and biofuels (HVO) can be mixed with hydrogen, displacing the fuel with hydrogen, resulting in a reduction in fuel use and lower CO2 emissions.


  1. We’re going to see a lot more large machines converted to dual-fuel and pure hydrogen.
  2. ULEMCo from Aintree, seem to be one of the leaders in the field of dual-fuel conversions.

You certainly see lots of these machines working around London and other big cities.

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  1. This story originally ran last year. when the BRE was referred to as the Building Research Establishment. Are people just getting careless with their press releases or has the BRE changed its name from Building to Business Research Establishment; according to further investigation it seems it’s the former.

    Comment by fammorris | April 29, 2023 | Reply

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