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Coeliac Journey Through Covid-19 – Retirement

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After my stroke, I was not allowed to drive because of an eyesight problem.

As my late wife and myself had decided we would move back to London on our retirement, I decided to carry-out our plan by myself.

I sold my large house in Suffolk and moved to a smaller one in Dalston in East London.

This is an area, where my many and varied ancestors had strong roots.

My father was born close by and was a direct descendant of a Jewish tailor, who around 1800, was kicked out of Konigsberg in East Prussia, which is now Kaliningrad in Russia, for no other reason than he was male, eighteen and Jewish. I suspect my coeliac disease comes from this Jewish ancestor. No female born into the family has ever successfully given birth and my granddaughter was born with a congenital hernia of the diaphragm, which was successfully repaired by surgery, when she was a few hours old. She now suffers from endometritis.

My mother’s family were a mix of Huguenots and Devon yeomanry and although she was born a few miles away, her mother was born just round the corner.

My father called himself a London Mongrel and I use the term about myself, as my genes are probably more mixed than his.

Since around the turn of the century, I have been a blogger and around 2008, I started my blog called the Anonymous Widower. The topics, I cover are very varied and have made me quite a few friends.

I am a strong advocate of using blogging to improve peoples’ lives.

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  3. Interesting that you trace your coeliac disease to possibly be from a Jewish ancestor. According to Ancestry DNA, I also have Jewish ancestry Sephardic from Eastern Europe and Ashkenazi from Ethopia – I hope I have got those the right way round. But these are all many many generations back.

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