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Ed Sheeran Wins Thinking Out Loud Copyright Case

The title of this post, is the same as that pf this article on the BBC.

This was the sub-heading

Ed Sheeran did not copy Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On when composing Thinking Out Loud, a US court has ruled.

It certainly looks like justice has been done, after a court case urged on, by unscrupulous lawyers, who would probably have got millions of dollars in fees, if they’d won.

It was an example of the American legal system at its worst.

I was probably about fourteen, when I went to a Scout camp on the Verulam Estate near St. Albans. I can remember we walked from East Barnet to St. Albans with the trek cart.

One evening at the camp around a wood fire, a Scoutmaster from another troop, entertained up on his guitar, playing various songs of the day. He showed us how most songs were created using the same chords and rhythm. He also gave us a few pieces of his own.

It was fascinating. But it seems to me that Sheeran has used a similar line and argument in his defence.

I don’t have much respect for American lawyers.

One of the companies, that I helped create was taken over by an American corporation. I can remember at dinner one night with one of their senior managers, some of the best legal jokes and advice being offered.

On the other hand, I would defend one of my ideas in the US Courts, if I had an idea, that someone had stolen. But in that case, I would make sure, I’d got my case correct.

I suspect, it could be a good way to protect an idea.

I have sold two companies and ideas to Americans and one to the Germans. Only one American deal ended up in the Courts and that was one of these opportunistic cases, dreamed up by sharp lawyers, that was thrown out.

The German deal was for several millions and it was interesting, as the Germans were happy to do all the negotiating in the UK, with the contract being wholly written in English law.

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    A worthy replacement for the very bare and simple next bus website that TfL used to have available. Even creates saveable bookmarks

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