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Possible Coeliacs Should Get Tested

I was diagnosed as a coeliac by both the quick genetic test and the gold standard of endoscopy.

The genetic test is no more painful than any other blood test, but many people are afraid of endoscopy.

I have had four endoscopies.

  • Two to check I had coeliac disease.
  • One to investigate a problem in my gut with an ultrasound probe, which turned out to be gallstones.
  • One to remove the gallstones, by punching a hold in my gut and then inserting and inflating a balloon to force them out.

Only for the last procedure, did I have any form of sedative. I was game, but the surgeon wasn’t!

Note that gallstones are often associated with coeliacs! As are cataracts, which I’ve also had removed from both eyes.

Yesterday in Liverpool, I had chats with two possible coeliacs, one of whom actually had a coeliac mother and the other a gluten-intolerant daughter.

This page on the NHS web site is an overview about Coeliac Disease.

Under Diagnosis Of Coeliac Disease, this is said.

First-degree relatives of people with coeliac disease should be tested.

My three sons didn’t get tested, despite both my late wife and myself insisting after my diagnosis.


If it’s ever suggested you be tested for coeliac disease, you should get tested.

It’s not a big deal these days.


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