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Mercedes eCitaro Fuel Cell Will ‘See The Light’ At UITP Summit 2023

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Sustainable Bus.

This is the first paragraph.

Daimler Buses will unveil the Mercedes eCitaro fuel cell at UITP Global Public Transport Summit in early June. At the group’s stand, visitors will have the opportunity to see the first series-production eCitaro electric bus with a fuel cell as a range extender. First order for the vehicles dates back to October 2022.

This paragraph describes the bus.

The Mercedes eCitaro in fuel cell bus version offers a stated range of approximately 350 kilometers without the need for recharging. This goes together a passenger capacity, on the articulated version, of up to 128 passengers. The difference between the eCitaro fuel cell project and most of the fuel cell buses on the market stay in the battery capacity: while it’s common to feature a small LTO battery (below 50 kWh) accompanying the fuel cell module, the eCitaro is equipped with a battery capacity similar to its battery-electric counterpart (up to 392 kWh for the 18-meter).

It looks an impressive bus with a generous capacity and range.

But I doubt we’ll see many in the UK.

  • Motorists object to their blocking of junctions.
  • They were easy for dodging fares.
  • In London, they were dubbed Ken’s Chariots of Fire.

I don’t think politicians will chance them in the UK!

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  1. As I understand it both the eCitaro and the eCitaro G (Gelenkbusse or Articulated bus) will both be available with this battery/fuel cell hybrid arrangement, although I think the battery pack in the eCitaro will be a little smaller owing to packaging constraints. The fuel cell comes from Toyota.

    Comment by fammorris | May 22, 2023 | Reply

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