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Merkel Gets A Soaking

A waiter has found his fame for fifteen minutes, by pouring five glasses of beer down Angela Merkel’s back. It’s reported here in the Telegraph.

Was the waiter Greek? At least he didn’t pour it down John Prescott, who I don’t think would not have reacted as quietly as the German Chancellor.

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Cameron Gets It Right

David Cameron seems to have got a reasonable result over the EU budget today.  Ten countries, including France and Germany have backed him over the size of the budget increase and that is probably the best he could have hoped for!

I think that this might be a bigger victory, than we think, as I think it is something that Blair or Brown couldn’t have done because of their stance as America’s poodle.  I think it is terue to say that Mrs. Thatcher wouldn’t have got this result, without creating a lot of acrimony and bad feelings.

But Cameron seems to have axhieved his objectives, by pringing nine other countries round to his views, although I think Chancellor Merkel was thinking on similar lines.

As someone who is pro-Europe on the personal things, let’s hope that this marks the start of Europe working together to sort out its formidable problems of the jobs, poverty, agriculture, finance and fraud.

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