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Merkel Can And Thatcher Could Burn Midnight Oil

According to one reporter on the BBC this morning, Angela Merkel did her usual and kept going for many hours in the Greek debt negotiations.

I’ve also read reports, that Margaret Thatcher used to show the same stamina. In fact, she was awake working, when the Brighton Bomb went off.

Interestingly, they are both women with a scientific training!

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Angale Merkel Hairstyles

I thought at lunch, how many women of a certain age, I’ve seen on this trip sporting Angela Merkel hairstyles.

There’s no understanding off peoples’ taste.

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The Sun Is On Form

The Sun today, creates one of its memorable front pages.  On a par with some of their classic headlines.  As it is totally factual, no-one will object. The headline is.

Greeks Exit Euro

And the full story is here, with a very good picture.

It of course refers to the football and not the currency. If Angela Merkel has a sense of humour, she’ll probably be laughing like a drain, or whatever Germans do idiomatically!

The newspaper may be on form, but where’s the orange one in the sky?

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She’ll Regret That Photo

The Times has an awful picture on the front page of Angela Merkel.

She looks in a terrible mood and if it wasn’t for her age, you might think that she was pregnant.

But then she has a lot of problems to solve!

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The Bus Games People Play

The behaviour of most people on London’s buses is generally immaculate, but it is sometimes treated like a serious game.

Obviously, kids like to travel in the front seats on the top. But so do adults and people generally move about to get the best seats as they become available. Perhaps, we all never grow up. Unless of course, we’re someone like Gordon Brown or Angela Merkel.

And then there’s how you choose, who you sit next to! It’s not just men, who like to sit next to nice-looking ladies and I can’t deny it doesn’t happen.  But today, an elderly lady deliberately moved over so that I sat next to her, so she could have a chat.  Most of the other passengers at the time were in their twenties at their eldest. In some ways, it’s only being friendly and no-one bothers.

And then there’s the game of judging what is the best time to descend from the top deck, just before you get off, as obviously walking down into an empty lobby is easiest. This game will get even more fun on a New Bus for London, as you have two staircases.

The New Bus for London also allows you to get on and off at convenient places, so this is yet another game, which at some time will come under the realm of the Health and Safety Police.  But until then, let’s enjoy it.

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Did Mrs. Thatcher Wash Her Own Smalls?

According to the Standard tonight, Frau Merkel still washes her own.

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The Headmistress Lays Down the Rules

The headmistress or is it the Chief Warder, has put on her sternest East German face to lay down  the law to the naughty Greeks, who have said they won’t take her medicine.

I’m afraid I think they will have to otherwise the financial police of  New York, London, Frankfurt and the Far East, will make it so expensive for them to get the money they need to spend on expensive cars and the other imports they need.

The state of the Greek parties are outlined here.  Just look at the face on the Chief Warder’s picture.

As if the Chief Watrder hasn’t got enough on her plate with the Greeks, and the French decide to play by their own rules.  I suppose they have to, as reportedly, it’s the French banks, who are up to their necks in Greek debt.

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Angela Merkel on Greece

Well not really, but someone purporting to be her has tweeted.

I’m glad I’ve solved the Greek crisis and I look forward to solving it again next week.

Very funny!  But it may well be true!

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Merkel Gets A Soaking

A waiter has found his fame for fifteen minutes, by pouring five glasses of beer down Angela Merkel’s back. It’s reported here in the Telegraph.

Was the waiter Greek? At least he didn’t pour it down John Prescott, who I don’t think would not have reacted as quietly as the German Chancellor.

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Cameron Gets It Right

David Cameron seems to have got a reasonable result over the EU budget today.  Ten countries, including France and Germany have backed him over the size of the budget increase and that is probably the best he could have hoped for!

I think that this might be a bigger victory, than we think, as I think it is something that Blair or Brown couldn’t have done because of their stance as America’s poodle.  I think it is terue to say that Mrs. Thatcher wouldn’t have got this result, without creating a lot of acrimony and bad feelings.

But Cameron seems to have axhieved his objectives, by pringing nine other countries round to his views, although I think Chancellor Merkel was thinking on similar lines.

As someone who is pro-Europe on the personal things, let’s hope that this marks the start of Europe working together to sort out its formidable problems of the jobs, poverty, agriculture, finance and fraud.

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