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The Dalston House Comes Down

I was passing this morning and saw this sad event.

i wasn’t the only one, who thought so, and it is a real pity, that it couldn’t have been up for longer.

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A Busy Last Sunday At The Dalston House

The last Sunday of the Dalston House was busy as the pictures show.

The Dalston House was one of those exhibitions, that if money could have been found, could have gone on longer.

Sadly, they didn’t let Heidi the basset hound climb the wall. Now that would have been a sight!

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Only Three More Days To See The Dalston House

I passed the Dalston House this morning and it was very busy.

As it closes on Monday, there is not long now to have a butchers!

Here‘s my pictures from a few weeks ago.

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The Dalston House Reaches China

I’ve just picked up an article on the Dalston House on a Chinese web site.

So I suppose we’ll now see Dalston Houses all over China.

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The Dalston House Goes Worldwide

Type Dalston House into Google News and you don’t just find stories from the UK.  There’s this story from the Baltimore Sun, which has an extensive set of excellent pictures, a long article from the New York Times, this story from India Today and another from the Daily Bhaskar.

Has Dalston now got its name into the news in such a way, that people will know where it is and something about the area?

It’s certainly all very positive!

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Look At This Guy!

Everybody is getting into the swing of the Dalston House.

These two pictures show someone enjoying himself.

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The Dalston House

I went to look at the Dalston House Art Installation by Leandro Erlich, this  morning.

The idea is basically very simple.  a fake house front has been created on the ground and a large mirror at 45° has been placed so that if you say sit in the windows of the house, you can  see yourself sitting in the reflection.

It was fascinating and many of those exploring it, seemed to feel they were children again.

One of the best things, was seeing the expression on a three-year-old’s face as he walked towards the mirror, seeing himself  sticking out of the wall.

I can see that this simple idea being replicated all over the world.

My mother used to work at Reeves just round the corner and she used to tell a tale about how an enormous German bomb in the Second World War, destoryed a lot of the area.  I checked at the library and the whole site, where the Dalston House has been built was a bomb site.  They have a copy of the LCC Bomb Damage Book, which is a must-read book, for anybody, who lives or is thinking of living in an area of London that suffered bombing.

And to make everything even better, there is no entry charge to see this unusual work of art.

You just turn up and play! But they do limit the time you spend walking up and down the house to five or six minutes!

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