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Why Should I Subsidise Fuel For Drivers In Remote Areas?

The government has announced that it might subsidise fuel for drivers in remote areas, as is reported here.

If people want to live in areas where costs are high, but perhaps they like the area, they should pay for the consequences of their actions.

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Sri Lanka To Free Elderly Prisoners

I found this report on the Internet. here’s the story.

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has ordered elderly prisoners over 60 years of age serving term for minor offences to be pardoned and released.

 According to Prisons Rehabilitation and Reforms Minster Chandrasiri Gajadeera, the decision comes amidst a need to reduce the number of prisoners in over-crowded prisons around the country.

 Prison sources said that older prisoners who have served more than 10 years of jail term will be released after the necessary papers have been drawn up.

 The new legislation, when passed, is expected to reduce the congestion in prisons to an extent.

Sadly, the country has re-introduced the death penalty.

But the first idea should be introduced in this country.

What is actually needed is an on-line database of prisoners, which obviously has anonymised.  Then we could see how many prisoners say had had severe strokes or had got dementia and perhaps move them into a more caring regime.

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I’m With Michael O’Leary on This One!

Michael O’Leary claims in this article in the Independent, that he’ll price luggage out of the hold.

He has a point, as if we want to get cheap reliable flights, then everybody should take the minimum they can get away with. But then I travel light!

I also think that people should pay more on a flight for their own excess baggage.  Luckily, I’ve never had the non-pleasure of sitting next to a doughnut addict on a flight.

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Only Three More Days To See The Dalston House

I passed the Dalston House this morning and it was very busy.

As it closes on Monday, there is not long now to have a butchers!

Here‘s my pictures from a few weeks ago.

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My Devonian Ancestry

I was watching Who Do You Think You Are? last night and it got me thinking about my family tree.

Of the four surnames of my grandparents; three are fairly common, but my maternal grandmother, who incidentally was born in the Balls Pond Road, close to where I live now, had a surname of Upcott. So I typed “surname origin upcott” into the Internet and found this page, which says this.

This name is of English locational origin from one of the four villages so named, all in the county of Devonshire. These “Upcott’s” are to be found in the parishes of Culmstock, Dowland, North Mol;ton and Rockbeare, and all have the same meaning. This is literally “the cottage up (the hill)”

So if she didn’t come from Devon, the name certainly did.

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Could Banks Help To Cut Fraud By Doing Simple Things?

A couple of days ago, I noticed a spurious and unknown payment in my bank account for £115.73. It was just labelled Bank Ctedit, with no indication as to who had sent it.

Checking for those that usually pay money into my account, I could not find a similar payment in the past. So I came to the conclusion, it was probably an error in the banking system. Or possibly some clever fraud! But then I’m cynical.

This morning it revealed itself as a rebate from nPower, who supply my electricity and gas. Perhaps four days ago, they read my electricity meter, so there is a possible explanation.

But supposing that the credit had been a debit, or I had not noticed it, as many people don’t check their bank statements every day, as I do.

Now if the banks put more information on the pending debits and credits, which they must have, it might help cut fraud, in that customers would be alerted to what was happening earlier.

It’s the same with cashpoint withdrawals, where the information is very minimal.  How many people would spot a fraudulent withdrawal from their bank account, from the information given now. If the withdrawals were properly labelled, customers would probably spot an illegal one earlier and more easily.

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