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The Oldham Solution to Binge Drinking

Oldham has brought in fairly draconian proposals to stop binge drinking.

You have to queue “Post Office” style for your drinks, there seem to be masses of extra staff and even police paid for by the bars.  Panorama is doing a program tonight. But one landlord feels he is being tarred with same brush and has successfully appealed against the council.

I am all for cutting down the binge drinking, but feel that if only Oldham does this, then those that just want to drink to oblivion will go elsewhere.  This may put the problem into other towns and also cause problems on the roads and public transport.

I always remember in the 1960s, that Ipswich closed the pubs at 10:30 and Suffolk at 11:00, so there was always problems as drinkers finished in Ipswich and continued in Suffolk.  When the two authorities brought things into line, everything was much calmer and there was a lot less drinking and driving.

We actually need a law, which says that alcohol must be sold at a minimum price per unit in every outlet.  But even this needs to be applied very carefully, as otherwise alcohol will be bootlegged and organised crime will get involved.  Perhaps, the value per unit would not be fixed in law, but applied so as to minimise illegal alcohol sales.

But we will only get a solution to the binge drinking problem, when people wake up to the fact that there are better things to do. 

I also think of “Education, education, education!” 

Where have I heard that before?

Will I be visiting Olham for a drink?  I don’t think so, as it would appear that the town is not to my liking.  I’ve also checked the guides and there isn’t a decent restaurant in the place!  And I suspect no-one has heard of gluten!  After all, if you can’t drink beer, you can’t be a real man!

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