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Manchester Arena Attack: Families ‘Disgusted’ By Memorial Trespassing

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

These are the introductory paragraphs,

Families of people killed in the Manchester Arena attack have said they were “disgusted” after a memorial site for the 22 victims was trespassed on.

The Glade of Light memorial in the city centre remains a building site and does not officially open until the new year.

Two bereaved families said they were appalled to find the security fences pulled down on Sunday.

The article also said this.

Ms Curry said she found hundreds of people were walking through the area, which is supposed to be closed to the public.

She said one man stood on a memorial stone and was abusive when challenged, another woman vomited all over the area, and groups of youths were openly smoking drugs.

I can’t understand what led to this aggressive trespass.

When, I am in certain cities, there does seem to be more low life on the streets than you habitually see in London.

I do wonder, if it is partly because of London’s transport regulations and actions as laid down by the Mayor and Transport for London.

London has an extensive CCTV network and after the London bombings of July the seventh and the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005, I’m sure it was improved.

Did the improved CCTV and the police action in the shooting the unfortunate Brazilian, deter a lot of low life from going to the centre?

Ken Livingstone or was it Boris, introduced a policy of banning alcohol on London’s transport system.

The precise details are given in this recent article on the Sun.

I have a feeling it had a positive effect, but did it mean that less drunks found their way to the centre?

In 2011, I sat next to a guy on a Manchester bus going from Piccadilly Gardens to Bury. I noticed that about a dozen youths were harassing the driver, trying to get his fare money and remarked on this to my companion.

My companion on hearing my London accent, said you don’t get that in London because of the contactless ticketing, as there is no fare money on the bus.

I was surprised at his reply and asked him to explain. It turned out he was a Trade Union Official, who looked after bus workers in Manchester. He told me his Union wanted a London-style contactless ticketing system, as it had drastically cut the number of attacks on staff in London.

Having worked with the Metropolitan Police on the analysis of data, they have also found that contactless ticketing helps in the tracing of people through London’s transport network and has solved several serious crimes.


I feel that terrorism and London’s reaction to it, banning of alcohol on public transport, contactless ticketing and other measures have helped keep drunks and those up to no good out of the centre.


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It Just Had To Happen!

The Londonist is organising a pub crawl based on Crossrail stations.

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Russia’s Biggest Problem

A few years ago, I read a book called PeopleQuake, which talked about how some countries like Russia have a birthrate that is not enough to sustain the population. Apparently, in Russia, the women didn’t want to have children, as the men might not be there to be a good father.

This article illustrates the problem with Russian men and their drinking and other bad habits. Here’s the first paragraph.

The high number of early deaths in Russia is mainly due to people drinking too much alcohol, particularly vodka, research suggests.

PeopleQuake reckoned that putting the drunk; Boris Yeltsin in charge, was the real problem, as he reversed all of the previous reforms, that were aimed at cutting down on cheap vodka.

The BBC article says this.

In 1985, the then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev drastically cut vodka production and did not allow it to be sold before lunch-time.

Researchers say alcohol consumption fell by around a quarter when the restrictions came in, and so did overall death rates. Then, when communism collapsed, people started drinking more again and the death rates also rose.

So what is Putin doing about improving Russian society? Spending billions on the Sochi games and clamping down on those, who don’t fit the Russian stereotype!

You could also argue, that he doesn’t have a good grasp of foreign policy!

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An Advantage Of Clapham Junction Station

One of the advantages of changing at Clapham Junction station is the bridge with lots of kiosks. I bought this excellent fresh lemonade for £1.90 at Knot Pretzels.

An Advantage Of Clapham Junction Station

An Advantage Of Clapham Junction Station

We need more kiosks with lemonade ready-to-go.

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Coca-Cola Vanilla Is Back

According to the adverts, Coca-Cola Vanilla is back.

Coca-Cola Vanilla Is Back

Coca-Cola Vanilla Is Back

I don’t think I ever noticed it had gone.  I drunk it once and I’ve tasted better urine.

But seeing it’s on the buses, it probably means it’s got the same popularity as this film.

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Gluten Free Drinks At Waitrose In Canary Wharf

I was surprised that there was no gluten-free beer at Waitrose in Canary Wharf, but there was a new variety of Aspall’s cyder, I’d not seen before called Lady Jennifer

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I Drunk A Lot Yesterday And Feel Much Better Today

Yesterday, I drunk more than I have for some time.  I had three mugs of tea before I left home, two cups of tea with my lunch in Carluccio’s and then perhaps another four mugs of tea during the afternoon and another one late at night. I also had a pint of Aspall Cyder down the pub during the presentation.

So I probably drunk about two and a half litres yesterday.

As a child, my mother was always getting me to drink more and often the only drink I had during the day, was the third of a pint bottle of milk and perhaps a small cup of tea. It was very difficult to get me to drink water and if I did drink anything else it was squash or her home made lemon drink, made to a Mrs. Beeton recipe.

From the time, I started drinking alcohol, I’ve generally been a pint of real ale man, although for years, I followed my father’s lead and drunk small bottles of Guinness.  Incidentally, those small bottles, which are unobtainable now, were low in gluten.

I think when I went gluten-free, I started to get the odd stiffness in my legs and breathing difficulties at this time of year.  I used to think, I needed to have a cup of coffee before tennis to get myself going. But could it be that I had cut down on my liquid intake, by avoiding pints of beer.  And also in those days a few years ago, decent cider, like Aspall wasn’t available in pubs.

I came out of hospital after the stroke feeling pretty rough and I don’t think I was drinking much inside. Basically, I’ve never been a great water drinker. I need something stronger, like tea, milk or lemonade.

I think I will keep up the high level of drinking.

As I’ve been drinking hard for the past month or so and having a deep bath every day, it does seem, that the stiffness in my lower legs has eased.

Strangely, my rhinitis isn’t too bad this morning either and my toe nails seem not to be their usual mess.

So perhaps the two most important women in my life, my mother and C, were right all along, in saying I should drink more.  C of course was always making me cups of tea, when she was at home, as she was a serious coffee and water drinker.

So perhaps we had mutually beneficial habits.  I think too, my son is another heavy drinker of the non-alcoholic kind.

But why is it, that things seem to always get worse for my body in the first few months of the year? I had a GP once, who said I might suffer from SAD or seasonal affected disorder. It did get better soon after that diagnosis, but C and I were taking at least a week’s holiday in the sun.


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Who’d Have Thought It?

This article, entitled “Australia’s new non-drinking puritans” caught my eye on the BBC web site!

Who’d have thought it?

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Innocent Sell Out

Innocent smoothies have sold out to Coca-Cola and you can read about it here in the Guardian.

In some ways it’s rather sad.

But in some ways, it’s due to the culture that says you can’t be small and create a global brand. Although, over the last few years, some global British companies like ARM and Brompton have done just that.

I won’t stop having the odd smoothie, but I do think that in the UK, their sell-out may have opened up the market for a new brand to move into the hole. After all, look how we’ve all fallen out of love with Starbucks, if the morgue in Islington is anything to go by.

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Why Am I Drinking So Much?

Yesterday, I drank heavily all day.

I had three mugs of tea before I left home to do my shopping and then another cup of tea in Carluccio’s with my breakfast.

Before I left for the football, I had a large glass of milk and then I had a tea on the train going to Ipswich.

I didn’t drink anything in the ground, but I did have a small bottle of water coming home, to wash down my Warfarin.

With my supper, I then had two 330 ml. bottles of Celia lager, to wash down the Marks and Spencer’s curry.

A couple of weeks ago, I wouldn’t have been able to drink that amount of fluid, as my throat was rather dry. But just as my gut seems to have improved, it now seems to be the turn of my throat.

Thinking through the last two years since my stroke, I don’t seem to have been able to drink like this. In fact some doctors have told me to limit my fluid intake.

In some ways though, this drinking behaviour has happened before.  In the early 1970s, I was working as a consultant at Time Sharing in Great Portland Street and was getting most of my fluid in the Mason’s Arms next door. I remember then thinking, I was drinking too much, so I switched from coffee to tea at home and started to drink masses of the stuff. I felt a lot better.

Then sometime about 1985 or so, I gave up coffee again and started drinking tea, after I thought I’d got a serious mouth infection.  I actually, stopped drinking coffee this time, a couple of months ago, as I thought I’d got a similar infection.

So it’s all very strange.  At least drinking lots of tea, with one drink a day, isn’t going to do me any harm.

One side effect of my health and possibly all of the drinking, is that for the first time in a year or so, wine now seems to taste like wine again.

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