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Britain’s Secret Ingredient – The Twenty-Third Of March

Someone has just pointed out on Radio 5 Live, that Steve Redgrave, Chris Hoy and Mo Farah, all share the same birthday; the 23rd of March.  They were born in 1962, 1976 and 1982 respectively.

Believe it or not they share the date with Roger Bannister, who was born in 1921.

The theme is carried on by Chris Hoy’s colleague Jason Kenny, who won gold in Beijing and London.

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Is This What Home Advantage Is About?

Heather Stanning and Helen Glover have just destroyed everybody in their rowing heat. They also broke the Olympic record.

They were one of the favourites to win the heat, but not so easily.

So there might just be something in home advantage!

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A Swimmer Has The Right Idea About the Boat Race

The Boat Race must be the most boring sporting event in the world.  After all, the same two teams always get to the final for a start.

So now the race has been interrupted by a protester swimming about in the river.

On the restart, the Oxford cox lost her steering and a German rowing for Oxford broke his oar. And now he’s just a passenger.

The swimmer has finally made it exciting.


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Andy Holmes Dies of Suspected Weil’s Disease

He was just 51 and the cause of his death is normally fairly rare.  But Weil’s Disease does claim the animals and birds, when you don’t keep the rats down and the hygiene good

But it is so sad that effectively one of his his major passions, may have led to the cause of his death.

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The New, the Venerable Rowing Club and the Curious

I took this picture of Poplar Rowing Club with Canary Wharf in the background.

Poplar Rowing Club

The rowing club is the third oldest in Britain and dates from 1845.

But what is the round building on the right?

It’s one of the entries to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel.

That incidentally is about sixty years younger than the rowing club.

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