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Connecting Ebbsfleet International To South London

In the May 2017 Edition of Modern Railways, there is an article entitled Kent Capacity Constraints Highlighted.

The article says this.

The provision of a direct connection from Ebbsfleet to South London is proposed using the route from Swanley to Fawkham Junction, which was used by Eurostar services to Waterloo. Options include providing a new terminal platform at Ebbsfleet adjacent to the existing lines or a connection into the existing domestic platforms.

This Google Map shows the Chatham Main Line between Farningham Road and Longfield stations.


  1. The Chatham Main Line goes from West to East across the map.
  2. Fawkham Junction to the West of Longfield station.
  3. The rail line curves away North-Easterly to Ebbsfleet International station, using the same track-bed as the former Gravesend West Line.

This Google Map shows Ebbsfleet International station.


  1. HS1 runs North-South through the station.
  2. HighSpeed services to Thanet destinations use the line that runs across the map from North-West to East.
  3. HighSpeed services to Ashford Internationl station have their own separate platforms on HS1.

The local line into Ebbsfleet International station can be as simple or complicated as the budget will allow.

The simplest arrangement would be where a single track chord connects the Gravesend West Line into the space between the stations and its Eastern car parks.

This Google Map shows the station and the Gravesend West Line.

It almost looks like a good bit of space was left to connect Ebbsfleet International station to Fawkham Junction.

Train Services To Ebbsfleet

Southeastern and Thamesline are probably in pole position to provide services, as their services call at Swanley station which would be directly connected to Ebbsfleet International by the new link.

The most efficient solution would be a shuttle train or even a tram-train, at a frequency of four trains per hour.

But we shouldn’t forget Crossrail, that could be extended to Gravesend.

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Swanley Station

Swanley station is where the two Eastern branches of the proposed South London Outer Orbital, join together.

This Google Map shows the station.

Swanley Station

Swanley Station

Note how the lines divide at the East of the station.

Under the South London Orbital proposals, both branches would get two trains per hour (tph)

This would make services from Swanley towards London at least.

  • 3 tph to Victoria via Bromley South
  • 4 tph to Working across South London via Bromley South, West Croydon and Sutton.
  • 2 tph to Thameslink via Catford.

These are pictures I took of the station as I passed through.

Note that the pictures were taken on two days.

If Swanley station has one problem, it is that it doesn’t have a direct rail connection to Ebbsfleet International station. You have to change at Rochester.

This Google Map shows the area.

Swanley Station To Ebbsfleet International Station

Swanley Station To Ebbsfleet International Station

Swanley station is in the South-West cornet of the map and Ebbsfleet is in the North-East.

I think a direct connection will be more important than most people think.

In ten or twenty years or so.

  • Crossrail will have been extended to Gravesend and will call at Ebbsfleet International.
  • More and more people will be travelling to Europe by train.
  • Saint Pancras International will be full to capacity.
  • Some Continental trains will terminate at Ebbsfleet International and/or Stratford International.

A direct link along the M25 would tie everything together.


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