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Manchester Metrolink Opens Trafford Park Line

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Railway Gazette.

This is the introductory paragraph.

The 5·5 km Manchester Metrolink light rail extension to the Trafford Centre shopping complex was opened for revenue service on March 22, around seven months ahead of the original target date.

I had hoped to go up to Manchester on the day it opened to take a few pictures, but COVID-19 kyboshed that!

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Metrolink Trafford Park Line Start Date Announced

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Rail Technology Magazine.

This is the introductory paragraph.

Greater Manchester’s new £350m Trafford Park line will launch on Sunday 22nd March.

Manchester Metrolink keeps growing and will become 96km of track and 93 stops.


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The Connecting Viaduct At Pomona On The Manchester Metrolink

These pictures shown the connecting viaduct at Pomona tram stop on the Manchester Metrolink, where the new Trafford Park Line joins the existing network.

This Google Map shows Pomona tram stop.


  1. The pictures were taken from alongside the canal.
  2. The Trafford Park Line goes off towards the West.
  3. The Eccles Line crosses the canal and goes North towards MediaCityUK and Eccles.
  4. Manchester City Centre is to the East.

The trackbed to the West is mainly on level streets, so this viaduct appears to be the only new substantial bridge or viaduct on the line.



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The New Third Platform At Crumpsall Tram Stop

These pictures show the new third platform at Crumpsall tram stop on the Bury Line of the Manchester Metrolink.

The new platform will be the Northern terminus of the Trafford Park Line.

This Google Map shows the third platform under construction.

The new platform is on the Eastern side of the tracks of the Bury Line through the station.

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Manchester Metrolink’s New £350 Million Trafford Park Line To Open In April

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Rail Magazine.

The Wikipedia entry for the Trafford Park Line, says this about the planned opening.

The final stretch of track was laid November 2019, with the first test trams running soon after. In December 2019 it was announced that the line was expected to be opened in April 2020, seven months earlier than originally planned.

I wonder why, the line is opening early.

It would be interesting to know!

It could be the old chestnut of bad planning, with planners putting in a lot of float, so they are not late.

The Junction At Pomona Station

This Google Map shows the junction at Pomona, where the Trafford Park Line leaves the Eccles Line.

I don’t know when the picture was taken, but you can clearly see tracks going West.

Wharfside Tram Stop

This Google Mapshows the Wharfside tram stop.

It does look like there are only a few more tracks to lay.

The Trafford Park Line And The Imperial War Museum North

This Google Map shows the Trafford Park Line threading its way past the IWM North.

The works seem mainly complete.

The Terminus At The Trafford Centre

This Google Map shows the Trafford Centre.

The tram stop will be in the North East of the Centre.

This enlargement shows ithe tram stop more clearly.

Note that the tracks will be extended to the North-West to Port Salford on the other side of the Mancvhester Ship Canal.

Tram Services On The Trafford Park Line

Trams will run between the Trafford Centre and Crumpsall on the Bury Line.

  • Crumpsall has been updated with a third platform.
  • Trams will call at Deansgate-Castlefield, St. Peter’s Square, Piccadilly Gardens, Market Street, Stutenhill and Manchester Victoria station in the City Centre.
  • At present there appear to be no plans to connect the Trafford Centre with Manchester Piccsadilly station.

It looks to be that some passengers will change in the City Centre to get to and from the Trafford Centre.

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Trafford Park Line – June 2nd 2019

In Walking From Pomona To MediaCityUK, I showed the progress of the Trafford Park Line in February 2019.

These pictures show the current progress.

They were taken from a tram arriving at Pomona.

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Walking From Pomona To MediaCityUK

I took these pictures as I walked between Pomona and MediaCityUK tram stops in Manchester.

I walked along the linear construction site of the new Trafford Park Line of the Manchester Metrolink.

The new line should open in 2021.


If you like walking alongside water, as I do, it is good way to see some of Manchester’s new attractions like the Impreial War Museum North and The Lowry.

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Progress At Pomona – 17th November 2017

Pomona tram stop will become the interchange between the Eccles Line and the new Trafford Park Line on the Manchester Metrolink.

As work has now started on the Trafford Park Line, I went to take a look.

I also walked along the canal to the entrance to the Trafford Park Estate.

This Google Map shows the area.


  • The single bridge to the East takes the tram over the Irwell.
  • The double-bridge takes masses of traffic to and from Manchester City Centre.
  • The Trafford Park Line goes along the River Irwell.

When completed, there will be the River Irwell, the Trafford Park tram line, the Canal and the railway running through together.

The rail line is a curious one, as it has a two-hourly service between Manchester Piccadilly/Oxford Road and Liverpool Lime Street via Warrington, which stops at Trafford Park station and additionally Manchester United Football Ground station on match days only.

I’m pretty certain, that in perhaps 1966, I had my last ride on a steam-hauled British Rail service between Oxford Road and the football ground.

Surely in these days, a two-hourly service is inadequate and the frequency should be at least two trains per hour.

Karlsruhe would apply a tram-train solution and tram-trains from perhaps Warrington, would join the Trafford Park tram line to go through Manchester City Centre.


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Two Tram Routes Start Construction In A Week

On The 14th of January I wrote Work Start’s On Extending Manchester Metrolink To The Trafford Centre, about a new line on the Manchester Metrolink.

Today, this article on Global Rail News, which is entitled Midland Metro begins prepping route of extension to Brierley Hill, has been published.

So it would appear, that what’s good for Manchester, is also good for Birmingham.

Admittedly, all Birmingham is doing at the moment is clearing the South Staffordshire Line of vegetation to assess the route, prior to the start of construction in 2019 for opening in 2023, which is probably a couple of years behind the Trafford Line.

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Work Starts On Extending Manchester Metrolink To The Trafford Centre

This article on the BBC gives some more details.

The Manchester Metrolink seems to be expanding fast and the Trafford Park Line would appear to be planned to be open by 2020. The BBC says this.

The line is expected to open in 2020, increasing the size of the Metrolink network to more than 106.5km (66 miles).

The Trafford Park line will call at six new tram stops – Wharfside, Imperial War Museum, Village, Parkway, EventCity and the Trafford Centre.

There is no word about continuing the expansion to Port Salford. But then there’s no news about sorting out the bridge over the Irwell, that the contractors dropped.

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