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Is the Stuxnet Virus Good News?

There is a new computer virus on the block called Stuxnet.  It supposedly targets industrial systems, with the aim of taking control or shutting them down.  But it appears to be aimed at Iran and possibly its controversial nuclear power station at Bushehr.  According to this article in the Guardian, it would appear that it has been created after a lot of work.  Judging by the possible target, fingers are being pointed at Israel.

So why do I think this could be good news?

Most viruses target computers without any security, with the aim of controlling them to send more spam or to get logins and passwords for such things as bank accounts.

Stuxnet appears to be aiming to control industrial computers or factories, where the cost of being infected will be much greater.  So Stuxnet will actually mean the virus protection companies will step up their efforts to prevent cyber attacks, which will be good for us all.

Also, something as high-profile as Stuxnet with all the associated publicity, should mean that more and more people will get the protection against viruses they should.

My one worry is that the sophisticated techniques that Stuxnet uses may make viruses that attack computers like e-mail servers more difficult to fight.

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Facebook Virus Removal Tool

This is going the rounds on the Internet.


This is a message to all Facebookers, we have had several reports of a virus spreafing itself through Facebook applications, if you or any of your friends have used any of the following applications within the past 48 hours it is essential that you run the “Facebook Virus Removal Tool” which is attached to this email. Please be aware of the threat these viruses contain, they log keystrokes on certain banking websites in order to steal your I.D.

Thank you for your cooperation to stop these theifs!

It’s actually a virus addition tool to find out the secrets of your computer, bank account and personal details.

Note the spelling. “i” before “e” except after “th”.

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Remembering Michael Jackson

This is an e-mail of which I have received several copies.

Dear friend,

We will allways remember and love Michael, hoping he hears our prayers.

Your my everything in my world, your the only thing ever that matters to me in my world, your the most important thing ever. I love you, you were never god but you tryed to be god like in your heart, you also helped beyond thousands and thousands of children, and we thank that, I am trying to carry on your love for helping children. And I hope one day I can be as loving as you to children and helping them, than anyone could ever no.

For remembering Michael, here are some se cret songs and pictures about him.

God bless you all!


Note the spelling mistakes and also the fact that mine came with this attached from those mice people at McAffe.

****************** McAfee VirusScan************************
******* Alert generated at: 07 July 2009 07:26:32 *********

McAfee VirusScan has detected a potential threat in this e-mail
sent by

The following actions were attempted on each suspect part:

The attachment “Michael songs and” is infected with one or more viruses: W32/Xirtem@MM.
This attachment has been quarantined.

We strongly recommend that you report this suspect activity.

So the spammers are using the death of a rather tragic figure to send out their evil wares.

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