The Anonymous Widower

A Stupid Burglar

This story is so funny, you’d think it was made up by someone like the Monty Python team.

A man who broke into a home in Minnesota last week was identified and arrested after he forgot to log out of his Facebook page on the victim’s computer.

I suppose it also highlights one of the dangers of Facebook.

On the other hand he might have wanted a nice bed in a cosy American prison.

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Is Facebook Going Belly Up?

This article in the Guardian, quotes researchers at Princeton University, saying that Facebook will lose 80% of its members by 2017.

They’ve compared the growth of the social networking site to an infectious disease.

I think it will have died, as something else will replace it.

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Is Facebook Beyond The Pale?

The news that Facebook is to allow violent videos and pictures to be uploaded, as reported here.

But they still have a ban on nudity!

They are a disgrace, but there is no way you can legislate them along a rightful path.

We must educate everybody, so that violence of all forms becomes just a bad memory.



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A Good Reason To Avoid Facebook

I do anyway, but their tax position, seems to be in line with Starbucks, Amazon and Google according to this report.

In fact, it’s rapidly getting to the point, where using a large company reduces tax revenues.  Although, it does seem that American companies are the best at finding ways of avoiding paying tax. Or should that be worst?

If you think  I’m being sanctimonious here, I once paid a tax bill of £3,500,000. If you don’t believe me, I have the cheque on the wall to prove it.  I could have avoided the tax bill, by going to live in Monaco or somewhere equally boring for a few years.  But then this country has so many good things, that I’d miss.

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Whose Photos Are They Anyway?

This story, where Instagram is seeking the right to sell users’ photos to advertisers,  is beyond belief.

On this blog, if you want to use one of my photos, provided I get a request and a copyright notice, I will generally say yes. In fact, I have done several times.

I have a feeling, if they bring in this policy, Instagram are on a one-way trip to bankruptcy

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Facebook Tries The Gambling Route

Facebook has decided that the way to salvation is to take the gambling route.  They’re starting with bingo according to the Daily Telegraph.

That’s all parents want isn’t it! – Kids addicted to bingo on the Internet.

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Another Good Reason Not To Use Facebook

It would appear according to this report on the BBC’s web site, that everything about Facebook, isn’t as it should be.

I wonder what is going to be the next social network phenomena!

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Facebook Tells People The E-Mail Address To Use

If I join a club or a forum on the Internet, I like to decide how I’m contacted or addressed. So I think Facebook is beig arrogant in swapping e-mail addresses to their own system in members cotacts. It’s all here on the BBC.

How dare they!

I think I made a good decision to leave Facebook.

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Facebook Is a Pain

I keep getting people wanting me to join Facebook. I’m afraid, I don’t join any social networking site, that will have me as a member. I was a member once, but I cancelled it a few months ago.

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People Shouldn’t be so Thin-Skinned

There is a story in the Standard last night entitled Tantrum of the Opera. A Twickenham housewife tweeted to her friend that although she had seen the musical eighty  times, she couldn’t stand the star. It has now developed into a full-blooded row.

I would make three conclusions from this.

In the first place the comment was only tweeted to a friend and thus the star is being a bit over the top.

Secondly, the lady has seen the musical eighty times, and so as she is effectively paying some of the star’s wages, she deserves a little respect.

Lastly, if I was producing a musical, I know someone, who I wouldn’t be employing.

They were also discussing another case on BBC Breakfast this morning, where someone made a comment about an X-Factor contestant. She has now suffered months of abuse.

She was possibly a bit unwise to say what she says, but it does illustrate, why you should always be careful what you say on social networking sites. However to abuse the lady and call her all sorts of unwise things in totally wrong.

The sooner we have a high profile case, where one of these so called trolls, gets some time at Her Majesty’s pleasure, the better. It will be interesting to see how much abuse the judge gets.

I have had a bit of abuse in my time over this blog and suspect it was because the post was about an odious foreign government.

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