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Why I Will Never Use DPD

I keep getting messages from DPD say they have missed me. I’ve had about six.

I know they are scams as the sending e-mail is I have the real address.

So I thought I should report this idiot, to DPD, as perhaps it might help find the scammer, so he can be arrested.

But there is no information on their web site, let alone a place to report them.

I don’t deal with companies who don’t look after their customers.

I reported the message to

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Illegal Football Watching Melted My Internet

I should say, that I swapped my Internet use from the Vista system that I liked with Office 2007 to the current Windows 7 and Office 2010, which I don’t like about eighteen months ago, when the older machine became unreliable.

I made one mistake in the transfer, in that I didn’t write down the passwords for my smtp and mail connections. They are stored on my old machine, which is totally dead.

It has worked successfully since then, but yesterday at four o’clock, when the vArsenal match started the Internet went into a curious meltdown.

So many people wanted to watch the Arsenal match on Sky, through broadband, that the connection seemed to melt down in a curious way.

Displaying a page on the Internet was extremely slow, but my e-mail program couldn’t get through the mess and kept asking me for a new smtp password, which I hadn’t written down.

So I just hit return. But it was doing it every ten seconds or so.

And so I must have typed in something, in all this chaos and now as I haven’t got the right password, I can’t connect.

As I was trying to send an e-mail, when this happened, Outlook won’t let me do anything without putting in the correct password first.

I can’t even shut Outlook without forcing it.

I’m pretty certain, there’s a high proportion of boxes, that watch football illegally in this area, which probably caused the problem.

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When No Doesn’t Mean No!

I hate spam e-mails, cold calls and text messages I don’t need.

I am very careful, to whom I give my communication details.

No-one gets my mobile phone number since I gave it to John Lewis, so they could deliver a parcel and an hour later I got a call on it trying to sell me a service to check my PPI status. I only had one issue on that and I sorted it myself.

Courier companies do get annoyed I won’t give them my mobile phone number, but as I’m generally in, what’s wrong with a landline?

What really annoy me are companies, where I’ve bought something on-line and despite saying I want no marketing calls or e-mails, the e-mails keep coming through in a flood.

One of the train companies is a bad serial offender and as I sometimes buy long-distance tickets with them, I have to give them my e-mail and other details. They recently sent me two e-mails; one of which said I might like to travel with my partner and the other that I might like to go and see my mother or other family. The first would have been offensive and truly hurtful to some and as my only family is in Walthamstow, which is Freedom Pass territory, the company did themselves more harm than good.

But increasingly, I’ve found a way to get good priced tickets for shorter journeys, both in and out of London and say between two stations anywhere in the UK.

And that is to buy the ticket after 16:00 on the previous day at the ticket machine at my local Overground station. At least Transport for London only send you targeted e-mails on subjects you have requested like weekend engineering works. And of course no-one has developed an automatic machine that senses your mobile number or e-mail address!

What is needed is a site like the Telephone Preference Service, where you can register your e-mail to stop marketing e-mails.

There is also a marketing opportunity for someone to see up a train ticketing site, for those who need to take trips out of London.

1. Such a site would generally sell out and return tickets from London.

2. It would also sell extension tickets from Zone 6 for Freedom Pass holders. At present you can only do this from a Ticket Office or one of London Overground’s excellent machines.

3. It could also find you a nice day out on say next Thursday, linking to the weather and the sort of place you’d like to visit.

4. It could be geared to Londoners and tourists alike!

In some ways the site would be a clone of the London Overground machines, which are Internet terminals anyway!

When will innovators realise that one person’s annoyance is another’s business opportunity?

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Let’s Have Some Rules For Software!

I am in the process of moving my contacts and e-mails from a Windows Vista computer with Outlook 2007 to another with Windows 7 and Outlook 2010, as the first computer has a disc fault, that means you can’t use Outlook.  I can’t even copy or zip the Outlook file, which I suspect means it’s seriously fucked.

I have backups of everything I need from perhaps thirty days ago. But of course you then have the problem of transferring the data from one format to the other.

My preferred solution would have been just to buy a new Windows Vista computer with Outlook 2007, but of course that’s not possible, even if I don’t need support.

So I’m stuck in the process of transferring data from one data format to the other.

I would assume the transfer system was designed by an idiot who was as cruel as Stalin or Hitler, with the intelligence of the Prince Regent as portrayed in Blackadder. Dl Microsoft sub-contract their program design to Boko Horam or ISIS.

Surely, if you want to transfer data from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010, it should be just a matter of opening the file in the new program and then letting the program do all the work!

It’s been similar with transferring from my Galaxy S4 to S5, where things are all different and some features don’t even exist.

I suppose computer companies don’t see us as consumers who know what we want, but idiots to be ripped-off.


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Annoyances In My InBox

Every day, I get at least two e-mails asking me to register PDF Suite 2014. I’ve never used it or bothered with this company before.

I also get something every day from IT Brief.

How do we stop spam coming from these companies? All the unsubscribe requests have failed and of course spam like this from across the pond is impossible to stop.

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I’m Trying To Say Farewell To Currys

I have bought the odd thing from Currys in the past, and somehow, they seem to have got hold of my e-mail address. As I’m trying to de-clutter my life, I unsubscribe from every list that sends me an e-mail, as most are about as useful to me as a chocolate teapot.

Currys sends me on average an e-mail a month for goods I don’t want, but there is no unsubscribe address on their spam.  I’ve tried contacting customer support, but then they believe in the old adage that if you ignore someone long enough, the problem customer will go away.

With electrical goods, I find what I want and then search for the cheapest price, from a company I  want to do business with.

Currys are definitely not on that list.

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Why You Should Have A Personal E-Mail Address

I use a personal .com e-mail address based on my name and have done for many years. I always recommend that people have an e-mail address based on something like a .com, or something related to where you live.

it was brought home to me this morning, about what a pain not doing this can be.

A friend has just changed their Internet supplier from BT to Sky.  They used to use a BT e-mail address and now they’ve had to change to a Sky one! Consequently all of their friends have had to be informed and will have to update the entries in their address books. I don’t use a smart phone for e-mails, so with me all I have to update is Microsoft Outlook.

Incidentally, I’ve just looked up my friend’s probably preferred e-mail address and it is available at six pounds for two years.

That sounds like a small price to pay for something that will last forever and won’t ask your friends to change again.

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Why Would You Bank At Barclays?

Over my life, I’ve banked at Barclays at some times and I’ve never really had any complaints, although at times, I’ve had a bit of aggravation.

But looking at the spam, I’m getting, I wouldn’t be banking there now, as they seem to be the target of most of the phishing attempts, I’m getting in my Inbox.  In fact, I had six this morning and I think I’ve had about twenty in the last week.

One of the reasons I bank at Nationwide, is that they only send me two e-mails a month, to tell me my statements are ready. I even send those to an e-mail address, that I don’t use for anything else.

I do wonder if phishing Barclays accounts is more successful for criminals, as why would they target Barclays customers, rather than those say of First Direct, about whom I can’t ever remember receiving a phishing message.

I think I’ll keep all the bank phishing messages I get over the next week or so.

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The First Royal Baby E-Mail

I’ve just had an e-mail from the Zoological Society of London, entitled Royal Zoo babies.  This is the first paragraph.

The Royal Baby has finally been born, but Will and Kate aren’t the only ones with a new arrival this summer! From a tiny tapir calf to miniature monkeys, celebrate the newest addition to the Royal family with a tour of ZSL London Zoo’s very own Royal Zoo Babies.

I’m a member, so I’ll probably go in a few days anyway.

But it is good marketing, nevertheless!

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Getting Fed Up With Tax Refund Spam

For the last few days, I had several of that old chestnut the Tax Refund Alert spam message.

Obviously, it must work with idiots out there as why do they persist, but now it is just boring.

It’s a pity, there isn’t a simple way to get back at idiots like this.

For those who phone me trying to scam me, I usually say can you phone me on my alternative number and give them a suitable alternative, like the Fraud Reporting Office of the Metropolitan Police.  They never phone back!

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