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When No Doesn’t Mean No!

I hate spam e-mails, cold calls and text messages I don’t need.

I am very careful, to whom I give my communication details.

No-one gets my mobile phone number since I gave it to John Lewis, so they could deliver a parcel and an hour later I got a call on it trying to sell me a service to check my PPI status. I only had one issue on that and I sorted it myself.

Courier companies do get annoyed I won’t give them my mobile phone number, but as I’m generally in, what’s wrong with a landline?

What really annoy me are companies, where I’ve bought something on-line and despite saying I want no marketing calls or e-mails, the e-mails keep coming through in a flood.

One of the train companies is a bad serial offender and as I sometimes buy long-distance tickets with them, I have to give them my e-mail and other details. They recently sent me two e-mails; one of which said I might like to travel with my partner and the other that I might like to go and see my mother or other family. The first would have been offensive and truly hurtful to some and as my only family is in Walthamstow, which is Freedom Pass territory, the company did themselves more harm than good.

But increasingly, I’ve found a way to get good priced tickets for shorter journeys, both in and out of London and say between two stations anywhere in the UK.

And that is to buy the ticket after 16:00 on the previous day at the ticket machine at my local Overground station. At least Transport for London only send you targeted e-mails on subjects you have requested like weekend engineering works. And of course no-one has developed an automatic machine that senses your mobile number or e-mail address!

What is needed is a site like the Telephone Preference Service, where you can register your e-mail to stop marketing e-mails.

There is also a marketing opportunity for someone to see up a train ticketing site, for those who need to take trips out of London.

1. Such a site would generally sell out and return tickets from London.

2. It would also sell extension tickets from Zone 6 for Freedom Pass holders. At present you can only do this from a Ticket Office or one of London Overground’s excellent machines.

3. It could also find you a nice day out on say next Thursday, linking to the weather and the sort of place you’d like to visit.

4. It could be geared to Londoners and tourists alike!

In some ways the site would be a clone of the London Overground machines, which are Internet terminals anyway!

When will innovators realise that one person’s annoyance is another’s business opportunity?

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How Do You Get Rid Of The Dreaded O2More?

Every so often, I get a spam text message on my mobile phone from O2More.

I do what they say to stop them and send a text message saying STOP to 20502, but still they keep coming.

I’ve now decided the only way to stop them is to cancel my account with O2.

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Annoyances In My InBox

Every day, I get at least two e-mails asking me to register PDF Suite 2014. I’ve never used it or bothered with this company before.

I also get something every day from IT Brief.

How do we stop spam coming from these companies? All the unsubscribe requests have failed and of course spam like this from across the pond is impossible to stop.

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The IT Brief

I get masses of spam e-mails from these jerks called the IT Brief in the United States.

Is there a yard dog American lawyer out there who’d like a bit of fun, by suing them for wasting my time?

He can have half he gets out of the idiots, provided they don’t send me any more spam!


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Spam Purporting To Come From DFS

I’ve just had one of those spam e-mails looking for agents, that says it has come from DFS.

It might have come from DFS in somewhere else, but it had all the hallmarks of fraud and may have started its journey in Paraguay.

So beware!

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Not Taking Notice Of My Unsubscribes

One national charity, which I think does a lot of good work, but which I’ve never supported keeps sending me e-mails, so I might buy something from them on-line.

I unsubscribe each time, but still they keep coming. I think I’ve had thirteen since the start of November.

I do wonder, if a lot of people now wouldn’t support this charity, as they’ve had a similar treatment.  Which I wouldn’t!

If I get a tin rattler in front of me, they’ll get the reasons.

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And Now I Get Golf Spam!

With nothing to watch or listen to for most of tomorrow, as the sodding golf will be hogging the airwaves, what have I just received?

Several spam messages trying to sell me golf clubs!

To add to the many things that annoy me about golf, another thing has just suggested itself.  I don’t think I know of a golf course, that I could get to easily by public transport.

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Getting Fed Up With Tax Refund Spam

For the last few days, I had several of that old chestnut the Tax Refund Alert spam message.

Obviously, it must work with idiots out there as why do they persist, but now it is just boring.

It’s a pity, there isn’t a simple way to get back at idiots like this.

For those who phone me trying to scam me, I usually say can you phone me on my alternative number and give them a suitable alternative, like the Fraud Reporting Office of the Metropolitan Police.  They never phone back!

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Spam From H & M With An Italian Unsubscribe

H & M just crossed themselves of my list of shops to use! Not that I actually have done!

I just got spam from them and when I unsubscribed it was all in Italian.

Hopefully, it’s the last I’ll hear from them!

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Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots

I’ve just had some spam, trying to get me to sign up to Coral Bookmakers.

As I have a betting shop near me and an on-line account, I don’t need another.

So who is the Chief Executive of Coral? None other than Andy Hornby, who is one of the HBOS Three.

Some people never learn, how to run a business!

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