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Apollo 11 Lands

Exactly forty years ago today, Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

My wife was still in the Middlesex Hospital with our first son, who had been born on the 16th.  There was no reason for them to stay that long, except that partly that was the way it was done in those days and also the hospital was rather short of clients.  They were actually phoning round other hospitals and it appeared that everybody was holding back giving birth, as they were waiting for the landing.

My wife and everybody else in the maternity unit actually crowded round the television to watch the landing.  I think that some of them actually watched the moonwalk later.

Immediately, the landing was over, the phones started ringing and all hell broke out in the unit and by the morning they had beds in corridors.

We’d also put his birth in The Times and I still have two copies of the paper for that day. 

The Times - July 21st, 1969

The Times - July 20th, 1969

He is still the only birth I have seen in The Times, out of alphabetical order.

The paper on the left is actually a 4 a.m. edition.  Does The Times still have one now?

One little incident that a friend remembered was that they interviewed a mother, whose baby was born on the 21st and they asked her if she was calling her son, Apollo.  She said she was going to call him Paul.

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