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Outsiders – Al Muheer and Terimon

On Saturday, Clive Brittain won one of the televised races at Ascot with Al Muheer.

The horse was at a price of 40-1, so the bookies were very happy, as at those odds few would have backed it, although there was some support in the forums on the web. 

But I didn’t back it!

Unlike in 1989, when Terimon was second in the Derby at 500-1.  I had ten pounds each way!  So I trousered over £1000.

So if nothing else the trainer has form.

I actually saw Terimon perform his last piece of work before that Derby on Newmarket Heath.  Everybody thought it was good and that horse was in good form.  But did he really have the form to do well in the Derby.  The owner, Lady Beaverbrook, wanted a horse in England’s most famous race and Clive had promised her that he’d beat more than beat him.  I think it is true to say, that the jockey, Michael Roberts, rode him intelligently to get the best place possible and in the end he was a fairly easy second, without troubling the great Nashwan.

Terimon went on to win several races in the highest classes and looking back he was just beaten in his first race of 1989 by Braiswick, who was probably the best filly that year.

20/20 hindsight is a great thing!

As an aside to this one, my son was working in the city at the time and managed to persuade a bookie to give him 1,000-1 each-way.  He bought a new suit on the proceeds.  It was also the first bet of one of the secretaries where he worked.

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