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Any Politician Who Advocates A Circuit Breaker Is Ignoring The Dynamics

As a Control Engineer, trying to control things with an on-off control like a circuit breaker is like trying to ride a bike only turning hard left or hard right.

We need to apply lots of small actions to nudge the pandemic to a safe equilibrium with the UK population.

  • A small action, I would do is shut betting shops, as this can be done on-line and most are owned by big groups, so commercial damage wouldn’t be great. Some staff surely could be redeployed.
  • I would also close down all religious services with more than six people. Obviously, God is working on a bigger project at the moment and is too busy to help with the pandemic.
  • I would also encourage working from home where possible, as that has been shown to reduce spread.

But perhaps we need to take some serious dramatic action.

Why not release the latest James Bond film on a Saturday evening on free-to-air television? And do it worldwide, except to China!

It wouldn’t do the cinemas any good, but if they got on with the next one, if this one is any good, everybody will flock to see it.

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Call For Bank of England Executive To Quit Over Security Breach

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

A former member of the Bank of England has called for the resignation of its chief operating officer after it emerged an audio feed of sensitive information had been leaked to traders.his is the introductory paragraph.

In any form of speculation or betting, information is key and I would suspect, that some have made a lot of money, with this information.

Betting, is full of stories, where information has been used to advantage.

In one, well-known punters, had access to the team sheet of a famous football club before the players.

So I’m not surprised at the shenanigans at the Bank of England.

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Politics Just Got Even More Interesting!

I don’t know about politics, but I like to think I know about data and I have a long and deep memory.

We now have two immovable and possibly unstoppable forces on opposite sides, which have almost equal support.

  • Those that want to leave the European Union without a deal.
  • Those that want to remain in the European Union.

They are irreconcilable positions.

I remember an acrimonious takeover attempt by Imperial Chemical Industries for Courtaulds in the 1960s. Not so much, at the time but because I later worked for ICI and became friends with a guy, who had worked for British Nylon Spinners at Pontypool.

Later I became aware of Frank Kearton and his part in the stopping of the takeover.

At the time he was the Engineering Director of Courtaulds. In a Press Conference, the CEO of Courtaulds was floundering and giving a rather bad impression. A question was asked and Frank Kearton stepped in and answered it so well, he took over the Press Conference.

He became CEO and the takeover was defeated. Kearton went on to have a respected career.

I may have remember the story wrong and I suspect it’s Kearton’s version, that I’m repeating.

In the UK are in a similar position to Courtaulds in the sixties. Both major parties are almost leaderless and none of those at the top of the Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties are better than the average run-of-the-mill MPs, who generally do a good job.

We need someone to step forward to unite this country and sort out the mess.

Will he or she be one of the following?

  • Jeremy Corbyn – Anybody that far left and over seventy would be unacceptable to well over half of the population.
  • Boris Johnson – You might employ him as a salesman, but you wouldn’t employ him in any management position.
  • Vince Cable – Too old and he’s sensible enough to know it.
  • The herd of Tory leadership candidates – Perhaps one might have the qualities, and they would need to show amazing style, intelligence and oratory to even get on the final ballot.
  • Nigel Farage – The other side believe he’s the cause of the problem, so wouldn’t follow him.
  • Caroline Lucas – Green  policies are anathema to perhaps seventy percent of the country, who still fly too much and don’t buy zero-emission cars?

We need someone with amazing qualities to step out of the shadows, just as Frank Kearton did at Courtaulds.


I’ve put a small bet on my choice for the next Tory Leader and Prime Minister.


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The Odds Are Going Towards Yes

When I first looked up the Scottish referendum odds on Odds Checker, the results were as follows.

August 25th

No! – 1/8

Yes! – 9/2

They are now.

September 2nd – No! – 1/4 Yes! – 3/1

September 5th – No! – 2/7 Yes! – 14/5

September 7th – No! – 4/9 Yes! – 9/4

September 9th – No! – 4/9 Yes! – 2/1

But they’ve now started to go the other way.

September 11th – No! – 3/10 Yes! – 10/3

September 12th – No! – 5/19 – Yes! – 7/2

September 15th – No! – 1/4 – Yes! – 7/2

September 17th – No! – 2/9 – Yes! – 15/4

So it would appear that the vote is moving towards a Yes! It’s been quite a swing in the first seven days.

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Samvo – A Betting Cafe

I’ve seen this type of outlet in Scandinavia, but I hadn’t realised we had them in the UK.

Samvo - A Betting Cafe

Samvo – A Betting Cafe

They could be an interesting addition to the High Street if they serve good coffee and snacks, as they’ll obviously have toilets. I do sometimes have the odd bet and it should be a much better environment, than the average betting shop, which tends to be where a lot of the local unfortunates gather to loss their hard-earned money. This extract from this page on thee Internet, explainsSamvo‘s philosophy.

“They’re Betting Cafés,” he explains. “We wanted to create something different on the high street, a little more high class; a stylish refit with sofas, somewhere comfortable. The whole café style is more relaxed and it’s very important for us to build a nice atmosphere for the customers to enjoy. We also like the technological aspect so we make sure we’ve got HD TVs as standard and Racing Post touchscreens.

I think we’ll see more of this concept!

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Two Stories From Liverpool

I don’t go into betting shops these days, except in a High Street, when I need to use the toilet, as most good betting shops, have ones that are clean and well-kept.

So when I see that Liverpool is thinking of banning fixed-odds betting machines in shops as reported in the Liverpool Post, it won’t affect me.  But I do think, that allowing these money grabbers into shops, was a very backward step for life in general.

The other story is very progressive and the BBC is reporting that Merseyrail will allow contactless payments all over its network.

This should happen everywhere and on buses too!

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Who Will Be The Next Manchester United Manager?

Just watch the betting!

Years ago, I had a friend, who’s since died, who told me that some heavy punters have a direct line to what goes on at Manchester United.

At the moment David Moyes is well ahead on Betfair.

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Are Starbucks Just Public Toilets That Sell Coffee?

This notion is put forward today in Caitlin Moran’s piece in The Times.

It also contains the piece of information that Manchester has just one public toilet. That can’t be true can it?

I rarely get caught short, but if I am, I usually go into a betting shop as many have very good toilets   All you need to do, if you feel guilty is to watch a race before or after doing the necessary.

Last night though in the Barbican, I went into one of the worst toilets for some time. The door had been spray painted by a vandal and the pan was slightly blocked and didn’t pull too well either.  For one of Europe’s largest arts centre it was a disgrace and very inferior to the immaculate ones inside Ipswich Town’s ground at Portman Road.  In fact on the whole football clubs do seem to try to get good facilities.  I can’t think of a bad one and I’ve used toilets in perhaps thirty grounds in the last few years.

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Seb Coe For London Mayor

He was impressive today on BBC Breakfast.

I think he would make a wonderful successor to Boris.  He’s also only 20/1 with Paddy Power.

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Betfair Got It Right

Didn’t they just as the figures show here!

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