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Free Hospital Car Parking

I’ve been visiting my friend in Addenbrooke’s a lot and the car parking is expensive.  But at least I have a space to put my car.  Even if sometime the charges are a bit weird.  For instance, each visit on a Sunday costs three pounds no matter how long you stay!  But if I have two short visit on a weekday, they are only £1.80.

Apparently, now in Scotland, the policy of free car parking is causing problems, as everybody drives and there is no money for more car parks.

I think years ago, when the parking was free at Addenbrooke’s people used to use the hospital car parks there and then go into town.  So it may be a good idea to have free hospital car parking, but it is one of these things that people will abuse.

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The Kunstzaal Kleizkamp Raid

In the post on the Mosquito, I mentioned the raid on the Kunstzaal Kleizkamp Art Gallery in the Hague, which was being used to store the Dutch population records.

Whilst in Holland, I had some time to myself in The Hague so I tried to find out where it was.  Using Google from my laptop, I found this Dutch article in Wikipedia.  The reason I’d not been able to find this before was that the article is only in Dutch and Kleizkamp is spelt differently in that language, as Kleykamp. There does not appear to be any trace left of the gallery opposite the Peace Palace, which is one of The Hague’s most famous buildings.

The Peace Palace, The Hague

The Peace Palace, The Hague

The article says that the gallery was a white house opposite the palace.

All that is there now is an anonymous office block.

NICB Bank, The Hague

NICB Bank, The Hague

If you translate the Dutch articles, there was a certain amount of controversy about the raid.  Some said it should be done earlier and around sixty, mainly women, died when the building was bombed.  But it would appear that the RAF didn’t have the capability to do the raid before and that it was preferred to do the raid on a working day, when the filing cabinets were open.

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