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Musings on Gluten-Free Pasta

As a coeliac, I can’t have normal pasta, but there are some fairly good gluten-free ones around.

I do get Dr. Schar‘s pasta on free on prescription (I’m 62, so age does have some advantages!), but I’m not that good at cooking it, so it tends to be a bit hard.  As I’ve now got the hang of cooking rice, in either the quick Uncle Ben form or the more traditional one, I tend to avoid cooking pasta.

However, I have got a liking for Carluccio’s the gluten-free pasta on their menu that is suitable for coeliacs. Just click the link on the page indicated.  I had some of the Giardiniera today in their caffe in St. Pancras Station and it was excellent. I just wish that they would change the gluten-free menu more often and also do some liver too!

But hey, the pasta is always worth waiting for, even if it takes a few minutes more.  Does that explain my hard pasta?

The interesting thing though is that Carluccio’s seem to do only one type of gluten-free pasta with different sauces. And that is penne!

Could it be that gluten-free pasta comes better in the thicker varieties?

Recently, I’ve tried cooking some of the Doves Farm gluten-free penne and that was a lot better.  Also a friend has cooked me one her special lasagna using Dr. Schar‘s pasta and that was better than excellent.

I’m no cook and I wonder if anybody has any ideas.

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