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Victoria Beckham

She gets a bad press, but then I’ve always had a sneaking respect for the real Victoria.

I do remember one day, when she was being criticised on Radio 5, when she phoned up from a book signing in somewhere like Stoke, and decided to take on all comers.

Stupid she wasn’t.

And now today we have this article in The Times about her fashion collection.  One paragraph oozed praise.

This was another lovely, polished, wearable turn from a woman who is daintily trampling on every preconception we all had about her: more elegant dresses, in inky greys, emerald and oxblood, with boat or draped necks, some with draped backs and a new volume in the bodice that gave them a slightly more chilled feel — and a blush-pink, lamé trench dress inspired by Dick Tracy femme fatales.

Good luck to Victoria!  And of course David.  But behind every famous man…

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The United States Thinks High-Speed Trains

I’ve always felt that the United States is ideal for high-speed trains.  Many of the journeys that people do by air or car are between large cities a couple of hundred miles apart.  But for some reason no-one in the States seemed to feel that way.  But now Barack Obama has provided $8billion of funding to kick start high-speed rail. 

This paragraph is from an article by the Intelligent Optimist.

And perhaps the best part is that to get there we are going to create a lot of jobs. The California High-Speed Rail Authority estimates that building the new railroad will create more than 600,000 construction-related jobs while there will be an estimated demand for an additional 450,000 permanent jobs in the state once the system is fully built. That’s real economic stimulus in a time when that’s needed the most.

That’s a lot of jobs.

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Good News from Afghanistan

Afghanistan have just qualified for cricket’s Twenty20 World Cup.

Not bad for a country that haven’t played the game for very long and only a few years ago were in the fifth tier of the game.

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Labour’s Muddled Thinking

There is an article in The Times today, which says that Nulabor and the Tories have fallen out over the high-speed rail link to the north.  Originally, Ruth Kelly planned that there would be a major transport interchange at Heathrow, but Lord Adonis, felt that Wormwood Scrubs International would be better.  The Tories are sticking to Ms. Kelly’s old plan.

Now, I’m not a transport expert, but both of Heathrow’s competitors; Schiphol and Charles de Gaulle, have high-speed rail connections.  So surely it is important that you can get on a high-speed train at Heathrow and travel to Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and all points north. Looking at the plan in The Times, you might even be able to get a high-speed train to Kent and dare I say it France, Belgium and Holland.

It just shows how Nulabor can’t see a good solution when they’ve got one.  Perhaps in this case, it’s because they want to give the inmates of the Scrubs a quick getaway and they think that some of their colleagues might be there.

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Leopards Don’t Change their Spots

The Times has a dramatic picture on the front this morning.  It shows one of their reporters being manhandled by someone from the BNP.  Here’s the first paragraph of the article that accompanied the picture.

One man grabbed my nose and tried to remove it from my face. I was seized and shoved out of the door towards a parked car. I threw my hands out to steady myself. A BNP thug snarled: “Don’t touch people’s cars mate.” Obviously, I offered no resistance.

Apparently, the BNP were objecting to an article in The Times on Saturday.

I don’t object to that article and feel it is a sound analysis as to the prospects of the BNP. But I do worry about its conclusions.  If there’s one thing we don’t want it’s for the BNP to gain a foothold in Westminster.  Without that after a couple of years, they will probably return from whence they came.

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