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No One Is Born Hating Another Person Because Of The Colour Of His Skin Or His Background Or His Religion

The quote is from Nelson Mandela and according to this report on the BBC, after being tweeted by Barack Obama, it has become the most liked tweet.

This is said.

It may be President Trump’s communication tool of choice – but it’s a tweet by former President Barack Obama that has become the most liked in Twitter’s history.

When someone writes a book on the most important tweets of this decade, I do wonder how many of Trump’s tweets will have been much liked, by those who don’t have a dead-end agenda!

As to myself, I was certainly brought up by my parents in the spirit of the title of this post, but with perhaps two exceptions.

  • My father wasn’t keen on Pope Pius XII, as he believed he’d not done enough to help the Jews and others during World War II.
  • My mother was from a Huguenot family and wasn’t that keen on Roman Catholics.

I don’t think either would have been pleased if I’d married a practising Catholic. But as a confirmed atheist and humanist for as long as I can remember, I don’t think there was ever much chance of my marrying anybody with a serious religious conviction.


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Queuing To Get In

This article on the BBC is entitled President Obama: ‘UK is going to be in the back of the queue‘.

I don’t queue very often, except sometimes to get in to a football match, a play or some other event.

But imagine this scenario, that has happened to us all.

A week or so ago, I was in the queue for the 38/56 bus round the corner from my house to go shopping at the Angel, when I realised I’d forgotten my long-life shopping bag.

So, I left my position in the queue and walked back to my house and picked up the bag.

When I got back to the bus stop, did I join my original place in the queue or go to the back?

So do the Brexiters think that just because of the Special Relationship, that we’ll be able to start negotiations of a new trade dea, travel arrangementsl or whatever with the US at the front of the queue?

Of course they do?

In other words, Brexiters live in the sort of land imagined by five-year-old children, where everybody and everything does exactly what they want!

I’m afraid we all live in the real world, where people make selfish decisions.

Interestingly, my Brexit Referendum Betting Odds page, showed a strong movement towards stay today.

Obama speaks and the betting world listens.

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A Quiet Stockholm

Stockholm was rather dead to the world, as Barack Obama was visiting.

I did sit by the water in the sun and eat an ice cream.

At least the Police didn’t stop me walking around. Perhaps it’s a good time to visit a city, when Obama does?

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Do Pharmacists Have A Special Talent?

In a leading article in today’s Times, about the choice of the new US Treasury Secretary, there is this gem.

Not that you could tell from his signature, unless you’re a pharmacist and possess that special talent pharmacists have for reading doctors’ prescriptions.

Apparently, President Obama’s choice is Jack Lew, whose handwriting appears to be worse than mine.

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You Can’t Beat The Statistics

The Sunday Times has a detailed statistical breakdown of the US Election.

Picking a few at random shows the problem the Republicans have.

1. Of the 17% of voters who say they never have any religious attendance, 62% voted for Obama.

2. Only 23% of Hispanic women and 33% of Hispanic men voted for Romney.

3. amongst voters under 29, 60% voted for Romney.

4. Only whites voted more for Romney than Obama.

Unless Obama makes a right Horlicks of the next four years, the person who stands for the Democrats in 2016 will be a shoe-in.

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Betfair Got It Right

Didn’t they just as the figures show here!

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Is Obama Going To Win?

I’ve been following a well-known betting site and the odds yesterday swung slightly to Romney, but today they’re going towards Obama.

So the smart money says Obama.  Or could the ups and downs mean that the smart money has hedged its bets and will win anyway?

I suspect so!

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Obama Is In Front On Betfair

He’s rated at 1.53 and Romney is at 2.92.

Let’s hope it stays that way until after the election.

October 28th – Obama 1.48 Romney 3.05

November 5th (am) – Obama 1.24 Romney 5.00

November 5th (pm) – Obama 1.29 Romney 4.30

November 6th – Obama 1.27 Romney 4.30

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Cameron’s Worst Nightmare

Seeing the performance of the Labour Party today, I wouldn’t think that he would be worried much. Especially, as opinion polls seem to show that the public don’t trust Labour with the economy.

Much of what happens to the economy will happen anyway, as large job creation will be by big companies, who will do it based on their needs. There will also be a lot by the average people, who generally read the economy better than the politicians do, and act when they see gaps.

But what happens across the pond in November, will have a large effect on what happens in this country.

It’s probably true to say, that David Cameron and Barack Obama are very similar, although from different backgrounds.  If Obama should remain US President, then business will be very much as before.

But Mitt Romney, a man who is the most religious US Presidential candidate in some time, would I think create problems for any British Prime Minister, if he got elected.

If for instance, the United States got involved in an Israeli-led attack on Iran, would we be capable of staying out of it.  The majority of the British public would want no part of it, of that there is no doubt.  And I suspect Cameron doesn’t either! But who knows what will happen, if Israel attacked Iran.

This is just one area, where Romney is downright dangerous.

And a world stirred up by Romney, would give a tremendous boost for the opposition in the UK. Especially one, who could play the Hate Romney card with impunity.

Let’s hope the American voters are sensible enough to send Romney packing.

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The Real Assange Problem

I don’t really know, where I stand on WikiLeaks. I think that the content that has been disclosed shows how ill-advised so much of the United States and our, excursions into the Middle East have been.  But we knew that anyway!

Whether Julian Assange did sexually assault the two Swedish women, for which that country is seeking extradition, is up to the Swedish courts to decide. I think that even if he is found guilty, he has nothing much to fear. Even in the UK, he’d probably not face a sentence of more than a few years, if found guilty for a similar offence.

His problem though is the United States, its courts and punishment system. They are so out of line with other countries like his own; Australia, Canada and most of Europe.  He would probably get a total life sentence for disclosing the US diplomatic cables. Even in this country, I suspect he would get a sentence, but it wouldn’t be that long, as no-one is actually accusing him of stealing the information in the first place. In fact, it could be argued that he did the same as the Daily Telegraph did with MPs expenses. Was anybody prosecuted for their part in that affair? Only a few MPs, who had done wrong.

But then the United States is vindictive with a vengeance rather than a justice system in many instances.

So the Assange case is a bit like trying to make a reasoned decision in a room with a vicious bully outside. Remember too, that Obama has a difficult election coming up, and he would not want to appear soft.  Ask Mormon Mitt on the right day and he would say that US troops should invade the embassy, if the British won’t do it.

As it stands at the moment, whilst he is in the Ecuadorian embassy, it’s all a bit difficult.  Let’s face it, if Assange had been a citizen of that country and had published some of their secrets, he’d at least be in jail by now. Ecuador doesn’t come across to me, as a beacon of democracy

The only thing we can do, is persuade Assange to go to Sweden and face trial there.  If we use force, then we’ll put all our diplomats around the world in danger.

I think there’s a fair chance, that when we have the next General Election, Assange will still be where he is now!

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