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Fashion Goes Around And Around

This is the front page of today’s Times 2.

Note the bottom line.

(brace yourself for the velvet bikini)

Celia had a bright French orange velvet bikini  in the mid-1970s.

Nothing is new.

If I remember Celia liked it, but then she always liked bright colours! Except yellow!


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Does The Fashion Industry Think People Have More Money Than Sense?

Over the last few days, I’ve been through several glossy supplements to Newspapers and they seem to supporters by the big fashion companies, selling over-designed and over-priced clothes and accessories. They are mainly for women, but you do see adverts for watches that are more difficult to understand for the average Joe, than Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History Of Time.

I’ve always had a policy of not buying any clothes with any form of branding on it, unless the design is what I want. C was very much the same and usually her handbag was lacking any obvious label, although often they were expensive.

But seeing these adverts and also observing ladies around the world, why is it that they overpay for a handbag and then have some enormous advert slapped on it, which generally ruins any style the design had in the first place?

C once bought a very expensive bra and knickers set, because it fitted her so well. When she put it on for the first time, I asked her if she really wanted to show off where she had spent her money. She was rather embarrassed and after that first wearing, it was never seen again. When she died, I sold it for a lot of money on eBay. Just because of the name!

I think where fashion is concerned, there are several born every minute!

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The Immaculate Lady On The Train

This morning I took the Overground to Stratford to catch the high-speed train to Margate, so I could have a look sat the town and its attractions and hopefully get some fresh air in the sun by the sea.

Opposite me, was a Chinese girl of about twenty, and a white lady of about my age. The Chinese girl appeared to be sketching something, so I stood up and asked her, saying that in all my years no-one had ever made a drawing of me. I also exchanged a few words with the other lady, who from her accent was English, or had lived here all her life.

As the girl wasn’t drawing me, I returned to my seat and carried on with my sudoku.

I then looked at the English lady, who was immaculate dressed from top to toe, in the style of someone twenty years younger, with a just-above-the-knee black skirt, black tights, a beige cashmere roll-neck jumper and short boots in a harlequin design. She’d let her hair go grey and it was held back with a clip. I can’t remember what her coat was like, but as C always did, she was wearing expensive leather gloves.

We both left the train at Stratford and exchanged a few words.  I did at least compliment her on her style, before we went off in different directions.

Why is it, I can’t find myself a girlfriend like that?

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Moss Gathers A Few Stones

I couldn’t resist the wordplay, when I saw this article and picture in today’s Standard.

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Fotografiska is Stockholm’s photographic museum. I like photography so I walked there from the station at Slussen. I must admit, I was drawn there by the adverts for a Helmut Newton exhibition all over the city.

Unfortunately, the city built a motorway, between the museum and the cliff face behind, so there are no buses.  One of the staff told me, that the city is redeveloping the area and hasn’t made up its mind about the transport in the area.

The various exhibits were fascinating, but the Helmut Newton exhibition also included some portraits of the famous, including a striking one of Margaret Thatcher, which is shown here. I also like this quote from Helmut Newton.

Nothing has been retouched, nothing electronically altered. I photographed what I saw.

It is a good rule for a photographer, that they shouldn’t break.

There was also a restaurant with views across the city on the top floor.  If I’d had more time, I’d have had lunch!

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John Stephen Remembered

This plaque in memory of John Stephen was at the Southern end of Carnaby Street.

John Stephen Remembered

John Stephen Remembered

I csan remember some of his fashions from the 1960s, although I never bought anything.

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The Duchess Wows Them In A £38 TopShop Dress

This is another story from the Standard. Here’s the intro.

The Duchess of Cambridge has got great legs and she’s not afraid to show
them. Nor is she afraid of a hefty spring breeze. This morning, attending a
tour of the studios at which the Harry Potter films were created, she wore a
thigh skimming polka-dot dress from high-street retailer Topshop. 

One of the pictures on the site, shows Lady Verulam meeting the Duke and Duchess. I suspect, that her father in-law was the guy who gave me my first real job at Enfield Rolling Mills.  As the company was my father’s biggest client, he just phoned up the Earl and asked if they had a suitable job for a sixteen-year-old. My father was a great believer in the old maxim, that if you don’t ask nicely, you don’t get!

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The Tyranny Of The Seasons

The weather might have been a bit better on Friday, but the same couldn’t be said for my shopping.

I went with the idea of buying two things; a decent pair of cord trousers and some leather gloves.

But it was the wrong season for both and fashion’s obsession with that is summed up in this picture on the wall.

The Tyranny Of The Seasons

The Tyranny Of The Seasons

As I tend to dress the same all the year, why can’t I buy my staple clothes, when I want to?

After all, we don’t have to buy things like baked beans, just after harvest time. How silly would it be, if we had to buy a hundred tins for the next year in say September?

Incidentally, the cold meant the shops and restaurants were pretty empty.

And in the cafe, where I had a cup of tea, the waitress was wearing a fleece over her uniform.

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Laura Craik Would Have Pleased C

Laura Craik’s fashion article in The Times magazine yesterday would have been right up C’s street, as it was all about colour. C was a barrister and despite this she avoided black as much as she could. Her uniform colour was often dark blue and often her only black was thick tights. I don’t think she actually had a matching set of black bra and briefs though! She certainly never in the forty years I knew her, ever owned a black swimsuit, coat or evening dress.

She always said that colour, helped her to stand out and she’s not the first professional woman, who’s told me that!

But as C would joke, the black she did have, meant she had no problems at funerals.

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Painted Nails

Many of the female athletes and even the Canadian men, are getting flags painted on their nails.

I hope the British get their Union Flags put on the right way up!

As to the Canadian men, perhaps Monty Python was right!

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