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Taking Risks

In this article in The Times yesterday Carl Mortished was arguing that we need more risk-takers. He ends with these two paragraphs.

The solution to our economic problems is not to tie everything down but to unwind the screws, loosen the bolts. We want true risk-takers, those people who centuries ago might finance a ship destined for a spice island. Someone truly prepared to risk the shirt on their backs, who fears that his “monstruosity” might bite off his own head.

Financial capital is now fleeing Britain, heading to the Far East. A long queue of companies is chasing the money, including our own Prudential, which is floating a business on the Chinese stock market. The true venturers are over there, not in Britain.

He is absolutely right.

So am I still taking risks?


For a start I’m going round the world. Not much you’d think, but I’ve lost my wife and youngest son in recent years, five weeks ago I had a small stroke and the medics have said I’ve got a leaky heart valve and the heart rhythm is up the creek.

So take risks and enjoy life.  Live the quiet life and you’ll never understand what it’s all about.

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