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NetTemps Inc

This is a scam. So don’t reply.

Looking for a job? My name is Juliette Barnes, I am a recruiting manager of NetTemps Inc, a recruiting agency for direct-hire, contract, and freelance professionals within various professions.  

Today I would like introduce some part-time and virtual office vacancies in the spheres of Advertising, Education, Engineering, Finance, Health care, Information technology, Media, Real estate and Transportation.         

If you are interested to learn more about the jobs offered, please get back to me, providing your name and contact number.                        

We are eager to help you find a better job and improve your career!    

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me on:               

c v @ n e t t e m p s i n . c o . u k      [please delete spaces in the email address before sending it to us]          

Yours sincerely,                 

Juliette Barnes                     

NetTemps Inc    

Why is this a scam? 

Look at the e-mail address from where it was sent to you.  Did it have anything to do with Juliette Barnes?  No!

Remember there is one born every minute.  Don’t let it be you!

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Taking Risks

In this article in The Times yesterday Carl Mortished was arguing that we need more risk-takers. He ends with these two paragraphs.

The solution to our economic problems is not to tie everything down but to unwind the screws, loosen the bolts. We want true risk-takers, those people who centuries ago might finance a ship destined for a spice island. Someone truly prepared to risk the shirt on their backs, who fears that his “monstruosity” might bite off his own head.

Financial capital is now fleeing Britain, heading to the Far East. A long queue of companies is chasing the money, including our own Prudential, which is floating a business on the Chinese stock market. The true venturers are over there, not in Britain.

He is absolutely right.

So am I still taking risks?


For a start I’m going round the world. Not much you’d think, but I’ve lost my wife and youngest son in recent years, five weeks ago I had a small stroke and the medics have said I’ve got a leaky heart valve and the heart rhythm is up the creek.

So take risks and enjoy life.  Live the quiet life and you’ll never understand what it’s all about.

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Computers Beat Doctors at Diagnosing Child Illnesses

This was a headline in The Independent.

A computer has proved more accurate in diagnosing severe fever in children than doctors using their clinical judgement, researchers have found.

Is it the way medicine is going, as it looks like the computer system is better in this case? There’s no reason to believe that in certain areas, this may well be possible.

As a coeliac and a computer person, I’ve always felt that the diagnosis of coeliac disease could be done by means of a simple on-line system, that gave an indication that could be confirmed by proper tests.  This is because coeliac disease shows itself in many and diverse ways.  I had chronic dandruff for a start and would you see a gastroenterologist for that?

I think too, you have to look at the statistics of medicine and especially GPs.  My granddaughter was born with a congenital hernia of the diaphragm.  She’s fine now and just like any other eight-year-old.  Now this problem occurs in about one in 3,000 babies. When I told my GP about my granddaughter, she said she’d never come across one in general practice.

So perhaps the computer can be much better with rare complaints.

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A Use for Muntjac

These imported deer are not the cuddly Bambis that some think they are. For a start, they are quite vicious and would give anything that tackled them a good mauling.

But the real reasons I don’t like them is the damage they do to trees is immense and round here in Suffolk, they cause no end of car accidents.

So when Alex James in the Independent says that they are nice to eat, I give a couple of cheers.

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Getting an Australian Visa

Some years ago, my late wife and I went to Australia.  It was actually a flying holiday, where I hired a Piper Arrow and flew all around the wider south-east of the country.  We flew a roundabout route from Sydney via Mildura, Adelaide, Cooper Pede, Yulara, Alice Springs, Mount Isa, Cairns, Dunk Island, Mackay, Brisbane and Goondawindi.  It took about three weeks and was a very enjoyable trip.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the trip was that in the first few days in Sydney, I had to pass the exams for my pilots licence.  It would have been divorce if I’d failed.  But then I don’t fail, when there is no plan B.

But to get the visa for Australia, you had to go to the High Commission and wait in line.

For this trip, I just did it over the Internet.  It worked very smoothly. 

If you need to get an Australian visa click here.

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